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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Could Joe Biden Win The Presidency?

Written by Arshiya Sangar, a grade 11 student.

Joe Biden seems to be widening the gap between his and President Trump’s margins, inching closer towards a win in the US Elections. What’s President Trump’s reaction?

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Written by Arshiya Sangar, a grade 11 student

Joe Biden seems to be widening the gap between his and President Trump’s margins, inching closer towards a win in the US Elections. What’s President Trump’s reaction?

Why Could Biden Win?

In the election this year, most news agencies, while debating the election results live, are very cautious about calling (i.e. predicting who will win) certain states. These states are known as battleground states; winning them can significantly boost a candidate’s chances of winning the election. Some of these states include those of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. While Trump may have been projected as the winner in the state of Florida, several others, like those of Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin (as of November 7, IST) seem to show Joe Biden as ahead (although margins go as low as 1.4% in some of these battleground states). The state of Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, was showing Trump ahead for most of the race, however, Biden gained the lead on November 6, and his lead has since been widening from 6000 to over 30000 votes (as of November 7). If Biden wins Pennsylvania, he will have achieved the required number of electoral college votes to stake claim to the presidency.

Why is Biden Getting So Many Leads So Far In?

The reason for Biden taking the lead in later parts of the race (as seems the case in Pennsylvania) could be attributed to the counting of mail-in votes. Several US citizens, instead of voting on election day, chose to send their votes beforehand through the mail, and record numbers of votes were received (this election has had the highest voter turnout the US has seen in over a century). It has been predicted that a large number of these mail-in ballots have been for the Democratic Party (Joe Biden’s party).

How is Trump Reacting to The Results?

The reaction from the Trump campaign has, as expected, been defensive. They maintain that the President has a good chance of winning a second term. However, in a more disturbing development, Mr. Trump has been hinting at the possibility that he shall not accept a verdict that doesn’t go his way, suggesting that he shall challenge the results in the courts. This is alarming because of Mr. Trump’s inability to give an affirmative answer when asked whether he would agree to a peaceful transfer of power (earlier in the year).

Mr. Trump has also been criticizing the postal-ballot (also know as the absentee-ballot) system, saying it leads to voter fraud, hence the results of the election can’t be trusted. Trump has been making several other allegations, a fact-check on which can be accessed here: https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-54837926

How are Trump Supporters Reacting to the Results?

Some Trump supporters have been holding protests in the battleground states, claiming voter fraud is what is keeping Biden ahead, calling for more votes not to be counted (in states like Michigan). It is also notable that gun sales in the US showed a record high the week before the election, which is worrying considering the partisan nature of US politics at the moment, and the possibility of violence breaking out.

The world waits with bated breath to see who the next President of the United States of America shall be.

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