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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Explained Simply For Kids & Teens

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What do we do?

I Kid You Not is a safe space for kids and teens to read facts, news and current affairs. It’s written by kids and is meant for kids.

As a parent or a teacher, do you worry about letting a child log on to any platform unsupervised? You probably do – and rightly so. At I Kid You Not, however, you don’t have to think twice – there’s no inappropriate content, no clicks to lure them to other sites and, what’s more, everything is written in a manner that children understand – because it’s all written by kids!

There are three main objectives of this platform:

  • To provide a safe space for kids and teens to write and read news and facts
  • To provide a platform for kids to express themselves – through writing and other creative forms (art, video, etc)
  • To provide educational content for general knowledge and awareness.

Did you know that reading the news is important for a child’s cognitive development and education?

This is why we explain news and current affairs, simply – so children find it easy to read and understand.

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What we publish:

1. News & Current Affairs
2. Facts to Know
3. Science Experiments
4. Opinion pieces
5. Art and videos – with a message

We also run workshops and camps to help children write better. If you’d like to enroll – reach out to us at the mail id administrator@ikidyounot.in.