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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Explained Simply For Kids & Teens

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What’s I Kid You Not?

I Kid You Not is an immersive and safe platform for kids and teens that captures their world – entertainment, news, views, sports, hobbies, and careers. A by-kids-for-kids platform, it’s a space where kids and teens can read simplified content and is also a space where they can express themselves freely.

Why I Kid You Not?

As a parent or a teacher, do you worry about letting a child log on to any platform unsupervised – thinking about any inappropriate content or clicks? You probably do – and rightly so.

I Kid You Not addresses this issue.

There are two main objectives of this platform:

  • To provide a safe space for kids and teens to read all that interests them
  • To provide a platform for kids to express themselves – through writing and other creative forms (art, video, etc)

What’s our backstory?

The truth is that a lot of content that’s written today is not something children understand easily. This is because, mostly, the stories lack context. They start from an assumption that the reader has some background knowledge, and also use expressions that are often lost on children. The vantage point from which these articles are written, even if they are written simply, is not something a child always understands.

I Kid You Not was created as a platform where children write for other children, since they alone understand what works best. Thus, the articles written for I Kid You Not are written in a way a child would explain to another child.

How many kids write for I Kid You Not?

Most of our content here is written by kids. There are currently more than 600 kids and teens, from across the world, contributing to the site. We like to give an opportunity to everyone who contacts us – however, we have a certain standard, which we do not compromise on. If the child is not able to write articulately, we run writing workshops to help him or her.

We also run workshops and camps to help children write better. If you’d like to enroll – reach out to us at the mail id given below.

Write for us!

I Kid You Not now has a large readership across India and also parts of the world. If you want to write for us, you can submit your story here. You can also apply to become a news anchor. Apply here

Submitting your child’s writing or artwork:

If you’d like to submit your child’s work, send us a mail with your
child’s details – name, grade, school, etc and what he or she would
like to do (write or create art). We will send you a sample topic. Once you submit the work, we shall review it and provide feedback, if needed. We then publish the work, if it fits the standard (we help children write
better, for those who need it).

Few things to keep in mind while writing:

  1. Keep your language simple.
  2. Do not use any derogatory language or expressions.
  3. Word length – 400 – 650 words.
  4. The article should be of interest to kids in the range of 7 to 16 years.
  5. The editor reserves the right to publish or not

If you want to reach out to us, write at: administrator@ ikidyounot.in
If you want to write for us, you can 
submit your story here.

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