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Friday, July 1, 2022
Written For Kids. By Kids.

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Online GK, News and Writing Workshops

I Kid You Not – a pioneering by-kids-for-kids news platform – runs regular online workshops with the aim of

  • Increasing the general awareness of children
  • Getting them interested in the news
  • Helping them write better

 Here are the details

  • The workshops are held every weekend
  • These will cover:
    • Basics of General Knowledge
      • A quiz to understand how aware the child is
      • Ways in which the child can become more aware
      • Where to read child-friendly news
    • Writing
      • How to structure your articles
        • Introduction, middle and conclusion rules
        • Following a story arc
      • Basics of grammar and punctuation
      • Research best practices
      • Fee: Rs. 350 per workshop

Workshops will be followed by:

  • Article submissions – kids have the option to write articles
  • Individual feedback on 2 submitted articles (via the edited articles)
  • Daily news reads
  • Exposure to news & current affairs
  • Articles get published on the website

After the workshop, your child will

  • Be more aware
  • Write better
  • Understand news and facts

About I Kid You Not

I Kid You Not is an online children’s platform that explains facts, news and current affairs simply. It is a by-kids-for-kids platform that provides a space for children to freely express themselves. All the content is written by children and teens.

I Kid You Not’s objectives are two-fold:

  • To create a safe space where children can read content meant for them – news, facts and current affairs – which is written in a manner that a child can understand (ages 7-18)
  • To provide a platform for children and teens to express themselves and showcase their work – writing and artwork.

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