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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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5 Unique Facts About India’s Independence Day

Written by Prakriti Panwar, a grade 12 student.

Our Rupee was equal to the US Dollar in 1947…

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Written by Prakriti Panwar, a grade 12 student.

Our Rupee was equal to the US Dollar in 1947

At the time of independence, 1 Indian rupee was equal to 1 US Dollar and  India was also free of any international debt and borrowings. While there are debates about the accuracy of this specific detail, the fact remains that in 1947, the Indian foreign exchange rate was at its lowest.

India is not the only country which celebrates Independence day on 15th August

15th August is a date special not only to India but also to 5 other countries. Though the exact years differ, Bahrain, Liechtenstein, North and South Korea, and the Republic of Congo, share their independence day with India.

The Indian flag can be manufactured only in one location

The Karnataka Khadi and Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangh is the only manufacturer authorised to produce the Indian Flag. It is run by Gandhians who wish to promote the Khadi industry and to promote more employment in rural areas.

There was no national anthem on our first independence day

Our national anthem was formally adopted only in 1950, even though it was penned back in  1911. The national anthem was not sung on our first Independence day because the authorities were “undecided” on the official national anthem.

Mahatma Gandhi did not participate in Independence day celebrations

Even though the rest of the country was joyously celebrating its freedom, Mahatma Gandhi did not engage in celebrations as he was in Calcutta, fasting to resolve the Hindu-Muslim riots and violence.

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