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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Who Are Storm Chasers? Why do They Chase Them?

Written by Adweita Panigrahi, a grade 2 student.

Storm chasers are scientists who want to study about the weather so they can understand how the storms work.

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Written by Adweita Panigrahi, a grade 2 student.

Whenever a heavy rain or a storm comes, we all will run indoor where its safe. But, there are some who do the opposite!

Who are they?

They are called Storm chasers – they are scientists who want to study the weather so they can understand how the storms work. And its dangerous work because storms can be very destructive.

Why do they chase storms? Is it for being adventurous?

Storm chasers chase storms because they do it to learn about storms even better. They do it to take a close view, how dangerous storms can be and to record data about storms that they can’t get in any other way. The more the storm chasers understand the storms, the more ways they discover to predict about the storms’ behaviors.

Is it safe to chase storms?

Well, chasing a storm is an extreme dangerous thing. Storm chasers call it ‘core-punching’. You should never try experimenting ‘how it feels when you chase a storm’ or ‘what happens when you chase a storm’. Because, it might create danger for you.

Most chasers spent the majority of their careers traveling toward a storm, either by driving toward it or, flying. One famous storm chaser is someone called Josh Morgerman – he’s an American businessman and TV personality who is known for chasing tropical cyclones, which he’s been doing since 1991. Josh has not formal education in chasing storms and does it out of passion. He founded a platform called icyclone, you can read all about it
(it’s exciting to know about storms and what can be learned by chasing them)

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