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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Reconstruction of Ayodhya Temple

Written by Surja Chauhan

By I Kid You Not , in Current Stories Opinion (U/A 7+) , at August 16, 2020 Tags: , ,

Written by Surja Chauhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5, August launched the construction of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya through Bhoomi pujan. The start of ram temple construction on 5 August 2020 was a “symbol of sacrifice and resolve of many generations that struggled for it for centuries. The temples would serve as “modern symbols of Indian culture and with it that country was creating a golden chapter for itself. Mr. Modi equated the construction of the temple to an instrument to unite the “Rashtra” and connect its present to the past. Mr. Yoginath said Ram is the thread of India “unity in diversity”

The construction of the temple is expected to be completed in 3.5 years. The Ram temple in Ayodhya will be built as per the design prepared by architect Sompura a renowned architect who had to prepared the design in1989. Artisans have been working in several locations, carving the stones for temple construction. Nearly 40% of the stones carving has been completed; especially pink stones from Bansi, Paharpur in Rajasthan are being used for the temple. The style of the temple is Nagara. There are five domes and 360pillars. The total area which is required for the temple is 10 acres. The house of idols of Lord Ram will be situated on the ground floor in Garbhgriha. The first and second floors are constructed for Ram darbar and accommodation purposes.

This temple will inspire the coming generations about faith, reverence, and resolve. Adding to that the temple would not only augment the grandeur of Ayodhya but also change the economy of the entire country. New opportunities would come up as people would come for a darshan of Lord Ram from all over the world. The construction of the temple will also help to raise the employment opportunity.

Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya is a result of defeat secularism. 5, August, 2020 is the culmination of a long journey our future historian would find out that the battle for secularism was not to last in the courts or elections. This was a battle of ideas. Secularism was defeated in the minds of the people of India. The proponent of Hindu Rashtra must not get credit for their victory. They were just the beneficiaries of the colossal fortune of secular politics. The custodians of secular ideology were responsible for this defeat.

When Ayodhya is in preparation for 5, august, 2020 Bhoomi Pujan events are going on round, the deadly coronavirus has struck a priest and 16 cops on duty at Ram temple site. Where the mega-events has to take place. Though the government ensured high security, with COVID guidelines in place, there are positive cases of COVID-19.


Babri Masjid was built at the site believed by Hindus to be the birthplace of Lord Ram. The masjid was built in the year 1528 to 1529. In 1853, the first recorded incident of religious violence took place at the site. Idols of Lord Ram appeared inside the mosque. Muslims protested and both parties filed civil suits. The government declared the area as disputed. The Supreme Court called out for settlement and began hearing of the case. Last year the constitution bench of the Supreme Court cleared the way for constructing Ram temple at the disputed site and orders the government to provide five acres of land to Muslims for a mosque in Ayodhya.

5, August 2020, the Sri Ram Janam Bhoomi Tirth Kshetra trust to do Bhoomi pujan at the site. This day is testimony to the truth of the crores of Ram Bhakts.

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