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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Rethinking Screen Limitations In COVID Times

Written by Aniruddh Pradhan, a grade 7 student in Ahmedabad.

It’s the ultimate debate between parents and kids – should kids get devices or not?

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Written by Aniruddh Pradhan, a grade 7 student in Ahmedabad

It’s the ultimate debate between parents and kids – should kids get devices or not?

There are two sides to this debate, like most other such issues. If the child demonstrates a high level of maturity then providing him or her with a device is acceptable. That being said, I believe most of us in this generation are not as mature as we’ve heard our parents were from their stories. On average, children (from affluent homes that is) get their own phones when they’re 10! Isn’t that crazy?! Now I know not all of us get phones that early but my point is that some people may get it earlier and I don’t think 10 is old enough. To help prove my point I will use the example of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates among others who raised their children mostly tech-free.

In 2007, Bill Gates set a limit to his children’s screen time when his daughter started developing an unhealthy attachment to a video game. Also, he didn’t let his kids get cell phones until they turned 14! In 2011 Steve Jobs prohibited his kids from using the newly released iPad. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home,” he said. “Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them.” However, it’s not just these two entrepreneurs who have restricted their children’s electronic usage, people like Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) or Evan Spiegel (Snapchat CEO) also restrict their children’s screen usage.

Some kids may feel that it’s unfair if they are not allowed screens during this COVID time; since they are not allowed to meet friends, or to go outside cycling or running or playing any sports. Due to this most parents have started letting their kids use screens much more than usual. Children may also use their devices to communicate with their friends. In that case, it may be ok, but only if their parents feel so, of course. These are difficult times, so while parents can relax some rules, they must also be careful about what their children are reading – there’s a lot of dangerous content out there. Also, there are many people who take advantage of children, who are vulnerable and may not know that they are being targeted.

To sum it up, I think parents should allow their kids to communicate with their friends and to play video games, but within limits. Even if Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and the others didn’t allow devices to their kids while they were growing up, they may have reconsidered their decision in this COVID  time, when the world is on lockdown and the only way to communicate is through electronic devices.

Written by Aniruddh Pradhan, a grade 7 student in Ahmedabad


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