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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Steve Jobs – Early Days and the Birth of Apple

Written by Keshav Mohta, a grade 8 student.

This is first of a 5-part series on Steve Jobs…

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Written by Keshav Mohta, a grade 8 student.
This is first of a 5-part series on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is certainly one of the most well-known tech moguls in the world. Almost synonymous with the biggest tech company, Steve Jobs is an inspiration to many young innovators and children including me.

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, 1955, to two university students Joanne Schieble and Syrian-born John Jandali. They were both unmarried at the time, and Steve was given up for adoption. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Paul encouraged Steve to experiment with electronics in their garage. This was the beginning to a lifelong interest in electronics and design.

He attended a local school till 12th Grade. He was a bright child, however, a trouble to teach. He attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but eventually dropped out and took a job at Atari Corporations, a video game designing company in 1974. This was his first job working with computers.

His friend eventually forced him to come with him for a pilgrimage to India. He went to Delhi, Manali, Haridwar among other religious places in India. He also travelled to the Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba in Kainchi, Odisha. During his several months in India, he became aware of Buddhist and Eastern spiritual philosophy. Later he said that these experiences were vital in giving him a wider perspective on life and business.

When he came back from India he reconnected with his high-school friend, Steve Wozniak, who at that time was working with Hewlett-Packard, the present-day laptop manufacturer HP. Wozniak told him about his progress into designing a computer logic board (Motherboard) which HP had rejected. Steve, seeing an open opportunity suggested that they go into business together.

Steve sold his minibus and Wozniak his programmable calculator, to kickstart their project. The first ever Apple computer, called the Apple I was built in Steve’s garage and with this Apple was born.

Steve realized that a personal computer, an idea which was too expensive at that time, would appeal to a very large audience if the price could be drastically reduced. He also realized that the bulky and unappealing computers did not attract users. Soon Jobs and Wozniak designed an improved model, the Apple II, complete with a keyboard and placed in a sleek, molded plastic case. The Macintosh was finally in existence. Little did Jobs know that this was only the beginning of the tiresome journey waiting for him.

Written by Keshav Mohta
Keshav is in grade 8 and lives in Mumbai . He enjoys reading and writing and has authored two books. He also enjoys robotics, coding and working with computers and has taken part in multiple competitions. Here’s the link to his latest book: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B088P7VVZ9

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