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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Take This Quiz to Test Your Knowledge of Common Facts!

Created by Naina Singh, a grade 7 student

By I Kid You Not , in Quiz , at May 20, 2021 Tags:

Created by Naina Singh, a grade 7 student

Created on By I Kid You NotI Kid You Not

Fact Check! How many of these commonly asked questions can you answer?

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What is the biggest state in India? 


2 / 10

When was Pablo Picasso born? 


3 / 10

What is the biggest country in the world? 


4 / 10


Which is the world’s fastest bird? 


5 / 10

What is the earliest known form of humans?



6 / 10

Which animal never drinks water? 


7 / 10

How much of the earth is water? 

8 / 10

What is a palindrome?

9 / 10

How tall is the Eiffel Tower (to the tip)?

10 / 10

Which shape has the most sides? 

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The average score is 63%



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