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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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The Corona Rant

Written by Kamakshi Anand, a grade 11 student.

We have the power to create history but that doesn’t mean that we always have that opportunity.

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Written by Kamakshi Anand, a grade 11 student.

We have the power to create history but that doesn’t mean that we always have that opportunity. Today, we do. Right now, at this moment, history is being written. Perhaps, I’m not being clear; you have a chance to be a part of history if you don’t become history yourself. I am by no means suggesting that these are desirable circumstances, or that they are ideal; but what I’m saying is, you have the ability, the time and the opportunity to be remembered.

The world is shut down, no amount of money or luxury can save us from this problem; a pandemic to be precise. Now, what is a pandemic? The dictionary describes it as “an adjective to describe a situation (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world” and the heart has made it synonymous with fear. We are so afraid that rationality has disappeared. That is the only excuse I can provide for the hoarding of toilet papers in the United States, the bans on the export of important supplies to countries who face a shortage.

According to an article published by the Economic Times, “It’s not just grocery shoppers who are hoarding pantry staples. Some governments are moving to secure domestic food supplies during the Coronavirus pandemic. Kazakhstan, one of the world’s biggest shippers of wheat flour, banned exports of that product along with others, including carrots, sugar and potatoes. Serbia has stopped the flow of its sunflower oil and other goods. Russia is leaving the door open to shipment bans and said it’s assessing the situation weekly.”

Governments around the world should have been united regardless of their foreign policy, their egos which are bigger than their economies. Instead of being “together in isolation” we are “isolated from togetherness”. Have you heard them say that an idle mind is a dangerous mind? How else do you explain the theories that claim that this is bioterrorism or an elaborate scheme by the Chinese Govt to eliminate the competition from the rising economies of the world? How else do you explain the christening of the Coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”? How else do you explain the prejudice and hatred that the Chinese are receiving and no, I’m not talking about the government; I’m talking about the people who have been innocent casualties to a disease that we fail to understand. How else do we explain the brutal behavior of the people of Madhya Pradesh towards those who are nothing short of heroes?

There is so much you can do instead of hate. Learn to cook, write a song, finish that book, take care of your family and your pets and plants, take care of yourself, perfect your art, catch up on that sleep, binge a show. Do something, anything but spreading hate. We will get through this. You’re not alone in this misery, so come out of that corner in your mind and spread your wings in the sunlight. There is still hope as long as the sun continues to shine and the moon refuses to say goodbye. There is still hope as long as you have the power to love; I promise, together, if we follow the rules, you and I will survive.

To know more about the Coronavirus and various precautions visit the WHO website.

Written by Kamakshi Anand
Kamakshi is a prolific writer. She’s been writing on Instagram for 2 years (@wingedwords02) and her work has also been published in 4 anthologies. She is currently working on a poetry manuscript and also writes for a mental health awareness organisation. Kamakshi is the content editor for her school magazine.


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