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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The One Where She Stays

Poem composed by Kamakshi Anand.

Note: this is a poem on coronavirus and the positive side of things

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Poem composed by Kamakshi Anand

Note: this is a poem on Coronavirus and the positive side of things.

Somewhere in that tree
In front of my window
Where the green is coming back
And yellow decorates it’s arms
And crown,
There’s a little home
That’s been abandoned for years,
No visitors
No guests
Not a tenant
No nest
But it’s been waiting
For a caress
Of a loving wing,
A peck
From a tiny beak,
It’s been waiting
For this day
When a little bird
With a little twig
Set foot on its arm
With its little weight
The tree stood still
Too afraid of scaring it
And patiently it waited
For a home to be weaved
And it’s weaver to never leave.

When I can’t leave my house
And the sky is clear,
When I’d do anything to be free,
Is the day
The little bird
Chose the tree
And stayed
Perhaps it knew
No one would come
And take it from her
They were too busy
Staying home.

By Kamakshi Anand
Kamakshi is a grade 11 student of Modern School. She has been writing on Instagram for 2 years (@wingedwords02) and is co-author to many anthologies. She is also a content editor of her school magazine. Besides spending hours with a pen and paper, she loves to read fiction, especially contemporary romances. Music is her happy place and nature is her muse.


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