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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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UP Legislative Assembly Elections, 2022: The Third Phase

Written by Rajlaxmi, a grade 7 student.

As of 20th of February, the third of seven phases of the 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections, completes, while the fourth completes on 23rd, of the same.

By I Kid You Not , in Current Stories , at February 27, 2022

Written by Rajlaxmi, a grade 7 student.

As of 20th of February, the third of seven phases of the 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections, completes, while the fourth completes on 23rd, of the same.

Prime Minister’s, Chief Minister’s, Defense Minister’s, Home Minister’s, rallies.

These past few days, have seen UP become the hotspot for rallies. Ranging from the Prime Minister’s rally in Unnao to the CM in Lakhimpur Kheri and the Sarojini Nagar roadshow.

Going into the detail of all these rallies would take a millennium, so I pose a question worth asking.

What was the impact of these rallies?

Automatically, wherever the PM, the polling percentage, votes in favour of BJP increase by a bare minimum of 5-10%, a big number in politics. Similarly, CM’s visits consolidate the Thakur vote in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The same goes for the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh. The Home Minster’s, Amit Shah’s iconic, ‘SP had Bahubalis, BJP has only Bajrangbali’, the line showed his confidence in the polls, and seats they would secure.

Which constituencies have been covered?

List of consituencies in the 3rd phase:

  • Hathras (SC),
  • Sadabad,
  • Sikandra Rao,
  • Tundla (SC),
  • Jasrana,
  • Firozabad,
  • Shikohabad,
  • Sirsaganj,
  • Kasganj,
  • Amanpur,
  • Patiyali,
  • Aliganj,
  • Etah,
  • Marhara,
  • Jalesar (SC),
  • Mainpuri,
  • Bhongaon,
  • Kishni (SC),
  • Karhal,
  • Kaimganj (SC),
  • Amritpur,
  • Farrukhabad,
  • Bhojpur,
  • Chhibramau,
  • Tirwa,
  • Kannauj (SC),
  • Jaswantnagar,
  • Etawah,
  • Bharthana (SC),
  • Bidhuna,
  • Dibiyapur,
  • Auraiya (SC),
  • Rasulabad (SC),
  • Akbarpur-Raniya,
  • Sikandra.
  • Bhognipur,
  • Bilhaur (SC),
  • Bithoor,
  • Kalyanpur,
  • Govindnagar,
  • Sishamau,
  • Arya Nagar,
  • Kidwai Nagar,
  • Kanpur Cantt.,
  • Maharajpur,
  • Ghatampur (SC),
  • Madhaugarh,
  • Kalpi,
  • Orai (SC),
  • Babina,
  • Jhansi Nagar,
  • Mauranipur (SC),
  • Garautha,
  • Lalitpur,
  • Mehroni (SC),
  • Hamirpur,
  • Rath (SC),
  • Mahoba, and
  • Charkhari.

4th phase:

  • Pilibhit,
  • Barkhera,
  • Puranpur (SC),
  • Bisalpur,
  • Palia,
  • Nighasan,
  • Gola Gokrannath,
  • Sri Nagar (SC),
  • Dhaurahra,
  • Lakhimpur,
  • Kasta (SC),
  • Mohammdi,
  • Maholi,
  • Sitapur,
  • Hargaon, (SC),
  • Laharpur,
  • Biswan,
  • Sevata,
  • Mahmoodabad,
  • Sidhauli (SC),
  • Misrikh (SC),
  • Sawayazpur,
  • Shahabad,
  • Hardoi,
  • Gopamau (SC),
  • Sandi (SC),
  • Bilgram-Mallanwan,
  • Balamau (SC),
  • Sandila,
  • Bangermau,
  • Safipur (SC),
  • Mohan (SC),
  • Unnao,
  • Bhagwantnagar,
  • Purwa,
  • Malihabad (SC).
  • BakshiKaa Talab,
  • Sarojini Nagar,
  • Lucknow West,
  • Lucknow North,
  • Lucknow East,
  • Lucknow Central,
  • Lucknow Cantt,
  • Mohanlalganj (SC),
  • Bachhrawan (SC),
  • Harchandpur,
  • Rae Bareli,
  • Sareni,
  • Unchahar,
  • Tindwari,
  • Baberu,
  • Naraini (SC),
  • Banda,
  • Jahanabad,
  • Bindki,
  • Fatehpur,
  • AYah Shah,
  • Husainganj, and
  • Khaga (SC).

This election surely saw some things, we never imagined. From Dr. Rajeshwar Singh taking a VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) from ED [enforcement directorate], to Asim Arun taking the same from IPS [Indian Police Services], they have set a new path in politics.

Dr. Rajeshwar Singh contests from the Sarojini Nagar seat, in the 4th phase. Located at the outskirts of Lucknow, the seat’s previous MLA, was the minister, Swati Singh.

Asim Arun, fights from Kannauj, an SC seat, in the 3rd phase. He has done a lot for the backward classes, Dalits, amongst others.

Overall, it can be seen that the elections will most likely be in favour of BJP, with the majority of the opposition votes going to SP, or in some cases, INC.

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