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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Where Was The Hornbill Festival Celebrated? And, What’s A Hornbill?

One minute read. Written by I Kid You Not

A festival to save the Hornbill bird took place in Tripura on the 8th of February.

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One minute read. Written by I Kid You Not

A festival to save the Hornbill bird took place in Tripura on the 8th of February. Every year in December this festival is celebrated in Nagaland. This year, for the first time a Hornbill Festival was organized in Tripura.

Tell me – what’s a Hornbill ?

The Hornbill is a a very beautiful and colourful bird, found mostly in the North East of India. There are 55 types of Hornbills, out of which 9 species are found in India.

The Oriental Pied Hornbill is the most common in India. It is known for its horn-like growth on their beak called a “casque”. These birds are bigger than other forest birds and stand out because of their over sized beak. They have pouches of skin below their throat to store fruits which is their favorite food. Hornbills are omnivores.

What are omnivores?

Omnivores are animals or birds that eat fruit , vegetables
and also other animals – a carnivore eats only other animals (like the tiger)
and a herbivore eats only fruits and vegetables (leaves, grass etc) – like goats.

Why is the Hornbill important?

In most of the tribes in the North East of India, especially in Nagaland ,the Hornbill has been a big part of history and folklores. As these tribes depend on agriculture for their living , the environment including animals and birds are very important for them. Unfortunately the Hornbill
is now hunted down by people to use the casques and the body of the Hornbill for medicines. Also trees on which these Hornbills make their nests are being cut down rapidly making the birds loose their new born and
their nests.

Why is the Hornbill Festival being celebrated ?

The government of Tripura wants to take steps to conserve the bird and also make the festival into a tourist attraction, so more tourists come to the state. – tourism is always god for a state because when people visit a place, they spend money and that helps the local people.

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