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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Who is Katie Bouman?

Katie Bouman is a woman who is making a big contribution to taking a picture of the black hole. It…

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Katie Bouman is a woman who is making a big contribution to taking a picture of the black hole. It is remarkable to see that she has achieved so much at the age of 29. The black hole that we have captured is 26,000 light years away!! So how did we do it?

To capture a picture, we would need a telescope that is as big as the earth. That is not possible so in different locations such as France, Arizona, Mexico, Chile, Hawaii, Spain and the South Pole we have put telescopes that are connected to hopefully get a picture.

Katie produced a new theory and made an algorithm (it’s like a formula) of how to take the picture. For years, scientists have been trying to produce theories that were successful, so it is very remarkable that her theory was correct.

What are black holes?

Black holes are an area in space where maximum gravity is present. Anything that goes into the black hole gets sucked in by gravity and does not come out, not even light. Humans cant see a black hole because no light comes out of it. Special tools like the telescope help to find it.

Black holes can be of any size. Scientists believe that the smallest black hole is the size of an atom. Nevertheless, the matter [things inside] is still the amount of a large mountain. There is a kind of black hole called the stellar, which can hold about 20 times the matter of the sun.

Th The largest black hole is the supermassive one. It can hold the matter of about 4 million suns!!


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