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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Who Is Sneha Dubey?

Written by Saanchi Biyani, a grade 5 student.

Have you heard of Sneha Dubey? Who do you think she is? An actor or a cricketer? No, she is none of these…

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Written by Saanchi Biyani, a grade 5 student.

Have you heard of Sneha Dubey? Who do you think she is? An actor or a cricketer? No, she is none of these. 

Sneha Dubey is an Indian Foreigner Service (IFS) officer of the 2012 batch. Born on 25 September 1994 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, she moved to Goa at a very young age. She spent most of her teenage in Goa and studied in Manivakas School, Margao. She was brilliant in academics and was the topper in matric at her school. She moved to Pune and graduated from Fergusson College. From her teenage years, she was clear on goals and therefore in pursuit of becoming an IFS officer, she took admission to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and pursued the Master of Arts in Geography and Master of Philosophy in Geopolitics from the School of International Studies, JNU. 

Why was Sneha Dubey in limelight? 

On 25 September 2021, she delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly where she criticized (Pakistan’s Prime Minister) Imran Khan for supporting terrorism and crime and misusing the platform of the United Nations General Assembly for promoting his propaganda. Soon after her speech, she became a household name for her well-described reply to Pakistan’s Prime Minister. 

She also blamed Pakistan for nurturing terrorism in its backyard and because of which the entire world is suffering. She condemned Pakistan for suppressing its minority communities. 

What is inspiring about Sneha Dubey? 

Not only that she is an IFS officer, or that she achieved all this being a woman. 

But that she was determined to be an IFS Officer at the age of 12 and was supported by her family throughout to take up this career. On the other side, we have individuals who are still not clear about their goals in their 30s-40s. In today’s time, when we are flooded with multiple opportunities to be picked up as a profession, we see a lot of resistance from families, specifically if the profession is not a regular one and is out of the box. 

Senha Dubey has become a role model for many students like us and specifically for girls. I understand that not every girl can become Sneha Dubey but what I believe is that every family should raise a child like Sneha’s family did by supporting the children at an early age. Every girl or in general every child should have the right to pursue and realize her potential. I understand that every family may not have the resources to back their child, but I am sure every family has the determination to motivate their child to pursue their dream.  

I am thankful to Senha Dubey for aspiring girls like me. 

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