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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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10 Facts You Did Not Know

Compiled by Adeeth Seth, a grade 7 student.

Earth is not round: shocking as it sounds, it is true that the Earth is not perfectly round.

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Written by Adeeth Seth, a grade 7 student

Here are some fun facts that I am sure you did not know!

Earth is not round: shocking as it sounds, it is true that the Earth is not perfectly round. It bulges at the equator and is slightly flattened at the poles.

There are at least eight lakes on Earth that are naturally pink in colour: Lake Retba in Senegal is one such lake that is nearly 40% salt. The Hutt Lagoon, Pink Lake, Lake Hiller and Quairading Pink Lake are lakes in Australia. These lakes are pink in colour because of a certain algae that breed only in salt water.

You can’t actually sink in the Dead Sea: The Dead sea is a stretch of water around 80 km long and 18 km wide, with a salt saturation rate of 34.2%. This makes it 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. In fact, it is called the dead sea because no marine life can survive in such saline water. However, all the salt makes this sea denser, than the human body, allowing you to float without any assistance.

The acid in our stomach our stomach is strong enough to dissolve zinc: That is because our stomach walls generate cells so quickly that by the time one layer gets dissolved, another layer is ready to take its place. We need the acid to help break down our food so that digestion is easier.

Human Hair is almost impossible to destroy: Hair is like the superman of the body! Apart from burning it, there are actually very few things that can destroy it. Hair decays extreme slowly. In fact, it decays so slowly that some Egyptian mummies dating back to thousands of years still have hairs on their heads. The only real weakness that hair has is fire as it is made up of 50% of carbon.

You sneeze at the speed of 161 km/h: Individual speed of sneezing differ, an average sneeze travels at 161 km/h. A sneeze starts in our nervous system. It actually helps keep the body safe by forcing the bacteria and virus out of the body.

The design of the paper clip hasn’t been changed since 1899: in 1867, a person called Samuel B. Fay needed a way to attach tickets to garments without damaging the the cloth. So, he bent a small piece of wire into a simple x shape. By sliding the ticket and fabric together without damaging either.

The first computer mouse was made out of wood: The computer mouse as we know today was first developed by Douglas Englebart during the 60s, it looked like a large, rectangular block of wood with a button on the tip.

There are world beard and moustache championships: These championships are held at Europe and one with the longest beard or moustache wins the championship.

Paper money originated in china: It was the 7th century, during the Tang Dynasty, that paper money came to be used as people were tired of carrying loads of copper coins every day.

Written by Adeeth Seth, a grade 7 student

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  • This is about the article written by Adeeth Seth…I would like to thank him for these amazing facts that I didn’t know and I don’t think it would have occurred to me to look through such information..thank you Adeeth…and looking forward to many such amazing facts about the universe

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