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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Book Review – Lizard of Oz and Other Stories

Written by Naman Anil Kumar, a grade 7 student.

The author of this book is Khyrunnisa A. This book is very fascinating and thrilling.

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Written by Naman Anil Kumar, a grade 7 student.

The author of this book is Khyrunnisa A. This book is very fascinating and thrilling. She is the author of Butterfinger which has lot of humor.

I like this author because she makes her stories very interesting by making animals as characters. She uses lot of metaphor and personification in the story, which makes her stories very unique. She brings lot of humor by playing with the words. Even the title of the book is a play on words – on the book, Wizard of Oz!

It has various interesting stories like Computer Mouse, Culic to the rescue, Antzzzz and other stories.

In all these stories characters will get into problems and they will find solutions themselves.

In Antzz story, two brother ants are very lazy, they never go out for work, they just sleep a lot. They will start to starve and then they will understand the importance of work. They will search for work and start working.  The turning point is when they start to starve.

In Diwali with difference story, a boy named Arun will catch the firefly and he will use it like a torch. One day when he was in the school, firefly will fly away from him, when he comes back from school he will be very sad. The story is named as Diwali with difference, because he uses fireflies as Diya instead of the real Diya.

In Uncrowned king, no one wants to make lion as a king. One day lions tooth was decayed and the doctor announces that the crowning should be done immediately. Animals will be disappointed, since they dint wanted lion to be crowned. At the end the story reveals that crowning was for the tooth, not for the lion.

The great shoe problem is fun story. In this story the centipede will be always late to his school because he has to wear 100 shoes before going to the school. He will also fail in the test because he will be late. He try to find the solution by not wearing the shoes, but get scolding from teacher Olly the owl.

I recommend this book to children who love animal adventure and humor. It’s a fun reading book for children between 6  – 13 years.

Written by Naman Anil Kumar

Naman is a grade 7 student at Orchids International School. He loves music and theater and  Kannada literature. He wants to be an actor when he grows up. His favorite authors are Roald Dahl and Kuvempu. 

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