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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Book Review – The Girl Who Drank The Moon

One minute read. Written by Radhey Maniramka – a grade 8 student.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a fantasy with mix of magic and witches.

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One minute read. Written by Radhey Maniramka – a grade 8 student.

What this book is about

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a fantasy with a mix of magic and witches. The book is written by Kelly Barnhill, an American author of children’s literature, fantasy, and science fiction.

The language used in the book is lyrical and reminiscent of traditional fairy tales. The story is so well plotted the pages fly by.

The story

Every year the people of the Protectorate leave the youngest baby of their village for a sacrifice in their forest. But the forest witch, Xan is kind. She nourishes each baby with starlight and delivers them to the people of a village on the other side of the forest. One day, Xan accidentally feeds one of the children with moonlight, making this child, who she names Luna, “enmagicked”.

She decides that she must raise Luna along with her extended family of a swamp monster and a tiny dragon. As Luna grows, her magic becomes more difficult to control and it becomes a danger to herself and others. that Xan has no choice but to lock Luna’s magic deep within her. As Luna turns thirteen her powers began to unleash……will Luna be able to harness her magic successfully?

Back in the Protectorate, carpenter Antain‘s child is slated to be given to the witch. Antain vows to go to the haunted forest and kill the witch before she can steal his or any other children. Will Antian succeed in killing Xan? Will Luna ever meet her real mother?

This is an amazing book for people who like mystery, adventures and magic. Not only does this book show compassion and hope, it also shows unconditional love. There is no way to leave the book as you dream through the pages.

I would rate this book for ages 10 and above

My rating  – 5 stars!

Written by Radhey Maniramka – DPS, Dubai

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