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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Children Hold Minecraft School Graduation

Written by Asmi Srivastava, a grade 7 student.

In Japan, where the government closed school two weeks ago, the children found a great way to have a graduation!

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Written by Asmi Srivastava, a grade 7 student

COVID has changed our lives – especially children’s lives. We can’t go to school anymore and have online learning.

In Japan, where the government closed school two weeks ago, the children found a great way to have a graduation! They did only find a way to stay connected, but also found a method of making their graduation
quite memorable and fun filled.

Like in India, Japanese school year too ends in March and begins in April. So, many students leaving their current grades and moving to a senior level would have to miss graduations ceremonies due to the COVID-19.

A class of elementary school students of Hakuba Village in Nagano japan were quite upset that their promotion ceremony was cancelled. However, they were adamant on having a ceremony, even if they couldn’t be with each other in person.

What did they do?

You won’t imagine what they did – they made a virtual place in Minecraft for their ceremony! Minecraft, for as you might know, is block-building a video game where players can create their own three dimensional worlds and live there.

The children built a big assembly hall, a stage and also seating. Not only that they also put up a red carpet so the (virtual) classmates could walk down to accept their certificates!

A father even posted pictures on the popular social-media platform, Twitter of his son in this virtual school graduation ceremony. The clip he posted went viral.

Public all around the world are now following this idea and making their own creative ways. Now in the other schools, people are taking this even further like in the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University and Boston University have turned to the platform to re-create everything that was on their campus from dorm to food truck.

Today, staying virtual has become a part of our day to day lives, and with the creativity present in today’s generation, it show that in the future there will be more to come in the digital world.

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