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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Secret of the Fulfers’ Palace

Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student.

Two little girls, Diya Dinmesh and Anima, were best friends. One day, when Diya was reading the news called she found an amazing article about a Fulfer….

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 Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student

Two little girls, Diya Dinmesh and Anima, were best friends. One day, when Diya was reading the news called she found an amazing article about a Fulfer.

A new animal “Fulfer” found
The pyramids are where the animal “Fulfer” found! Mr. J. Thompson says “It’s very confusing. The animal has a mysterious sound that petrifies you”. The woman who found it, Ms. H. Thomas says, “I just ran away, because it was scary, but soon later, I crept in”. They cannot believe Ms. Thomas’ extraordinary discovery!

On reading this news, Diya decided to call her mother. Her parents had gone to Kerala for work. She was fourteen years old. She was in a place near the pyramids, so she could easily get there by her cycle.

She dialed the number and waited. “Hello Mummy!” She asked. “Hi Diya, is there anything you want?” Ms. Dinmesh enquired. “Oh no, nothing, just wanted to say hi,” She grinned. “Ok Diya, I’m busy, so I have to get to work. Bye.” Ms. Dinmesh told her. “Bye” she said.

She took her French book. She frantically flipped the pages to find the page she wanted. “the test!” She thought, “I should first practice for my test.”Then she studied for some time.

“Oh yes!” She said, “Anima!”. She ran to her bedroom balcony. “Anima!” she shouted. Another little girl from the other house came to her balcony. “Hi Diya!” Anima shouted back. “We can talk on our walkie talkie.” “Good thinking, Anima! I will just get my walkie-talkie!” She walked away.

The girls started talking on their walkie-talkie phones.“Hi!” Anima said. “Hi Anima! Tomorrow shall we go to the pyramids? There are-” She was saying but Anima broke in. “Yeah, the Fulfers, they came on today’s news! Sure!” Anima laughed. “But we need tickets-and they’re ten pounds! Do you have money?” Diya enquired. “Course I do,” Anima said. “We’ll take a little case to put a few things in.” She grinned. “Yes, and we’ll pack two packs of earmuffs. Come on Diya, let’s go to the shop to buy earmuffs!” Anima said. “Meet me at Elmira’s superstore at 5 pm today.” “Sure! So, our plan is set!” Diya replied cheerfully. “Wait, call your mother, but don’t tell her, umm.. ok? Did you read me?”. “Yeah, sure. Bye!” Anima replied.

It was four fifty-nine, so she went down to her verandah. Anima arrived one minute late. “Let’s go!” Anima smiled. They got one pack of earmuffs each and left. The rest of the day flew by quickly, while Anima and Diya were becoming more excited. The next day, they set off. Mr. Anomie, the person who gave them tickets said, “Tickets! Tickets! Tickets for five pounds!” “Hello,” Diya said. “I’m Diya Dinmesh and my friend Anima Alomina wants two tickets.” “Sure you don’t want one for both? I say they’re cheaper.” Mr. Anomie asked. “Nope.” Diya replied and nudged Anima, signaling to give the ten pounds. “Here. Ten for two,” she said. Mr. Anomie gave the tickets. “Thanks” Anima did a last greeting. “Here, folks, here! Books about the Fulfers and safety pack for twenty,” a cheerful-looking woman said. “I am Ms. Jackman! Here, ladies!” “Let’s get change and go there,” Diya said to Anima.

They walked over to a ten-pound place and gave twelve. They got two pounds. They went to a one-pound place and gave two. Soon, they had twenty. “Ms. Jackman, can I get the full safety pack?” Anima asked. “Yes, sure!” Ms. Jackman gave the safety pack. “The safety pack comes with free magazines. Here. Goodbye! Have a good time!” “Thanks!” Anima waved, like Ms. Jackman was her friend. They went in and saw a moldy piece of paper. Diya picked it up. “The secret palace of Fulfers,” she murmured, Anima, we have to put on our earmuffs in order to get in the Fulfers’ palace!”They put their earmuffs on. They followed the map and ran to where the map showed the palace was. They crept in and used their walkie-talkie phones to talk. “Hey…look at those! Let’s follow them, those things!” Diya said. They followed them…and they found a moldy, old chest with many chocolates. Diya removed the earmuffs. “Hi?” She asked.

“Hello! We are the Fulfers. People have been making rude comments about us, which is why we’ve made a secret moldy paper lying on the floor of the castle. You are the kindest humans we have met. You can take the chest. Wait. You will take it, but share it with Anima, ok?” the Fulfer said. “Yeah, thanks so much!” Anima said. “We’ll visit tomorrow. Here. Two packs of walkie-talkies. Wait, wait, wait, we have to open it first. You see, I’ll take this pack, and when you talk on this walkie-talkie, you will hear me. Okay? Bye. See you later!” They took the chest and left for Diya’s house just before her mother arrived.

All is well that ends well.


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