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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Unsolved Mystery – The Disappearance of the Anjikuni People

Written by Saniya Bano, a grade 9 student

Many years ago, something very strange happened in a small village in Canada. All its inhabitants disappeared suddenly, leaving a ghost village behind…

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Written by Saniya Bano, a grade 9 student

In 1930, something very strange happened in a small village in Canada. All its inhabitants disappeared suddenly, leaving a ghost village behind. They vanished all at once – even as their huts still had food and clothes.

The village was called Anjikuni, which is located near a  lake with the same name. It was in an area called  Munauat in Canada.

A horrible incident

One day, in the year 1930, a  man named Joe Labello visited the village. He was a fur trapper and had always received a warm welcome from the villagers.

On reaching the village, Labello found something very mysterious – all the villagers had gone. The village was empty.

He looked everywhere, in all directions, but could not see a single person or an animal in the village. Labelle had visited the village many times during his travels, as a place to rest. It was common for him to see thousands of people in the village, who gave him a  warm welcome. However, on this particular day,  no one was there. He went into the huts of all the villagers and found supplies and provisions, but no people. He also found the clothes of the villagers, and some rifles were hidden as well in the huts. What’s more, he  saw pots filled with food hanging on long cold fires in huts and  Kayaks outside the houses., The people seemed to have vanished mysteriously. What was shocking was that there were no footprints on the snow that would have given a clue to where the Innuits had gone suddenly.

Report and Investigation

Shocked by this, Labelle went to the nearest telegraph office and sent a message to the Canadian Mountain Police. “I felt immediately that something was wrong.” Joe Labelle said that it seemed that the villagers had been disturbed during the preparation of dinner. He also knew that no Eskimo went anywhere without his gun. This is why he thought that something bad and terrible had happened.

The police arrived and searched the whole village very thoroughly ,. They found no one.

People of other villages reported seeing a blue light which later faded in the darkness. Many investigations were done. The research revealed that the village was probably deserted for about two months and one found any trace of the people.

On investigation, claims were made that the story of the mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people was not true. It was said that Joe Labelle was new to the Country and he had never visited that place. It was said to be made up. However, the mystery was never solved – Whether Joe was telling the truth or not, the fact was that the Anjikuni people were never seen again.

This story appears in many mystery books – like  Frank Edward’s book, Stranger than Science, Whitely Strieber’s science fiction novel Majestic, and Dean Koontz’s novel called Phantoms. All these tell the story of the mysterious disappearance and the blue light that appeared the night the villagers vanished.

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