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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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What Deal Have The USA and Taliban Signed? And Who Are The Taliban?

Two minutes read.

On the 29th of February this year the USA and Taliban signed an agreement to bring peace in Afghanistan.

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Two minute read.

On the 29th of February this year the USA and Taliban signed an agreement to bring peace in Afghanistan. It’s called the “ Agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan”. It was signed in Doha , Qatar between the USA and the Taliban.

Who are the Taliban?

The Taliban is an extreme Islamic group which used to rule Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. They have been continuously fighting to rule Afghanistan again. They want Afghanistan to be the world’s “ purest Islamic country”.

Their main aim is to remove foreign influence from the country and bring in their version of Islamic Law. Taliban, in Pashto language is the plural of Talib, which means student.

Why did they get into this agreement?

The Taliban has used Afghanistan as their main center for planning all their terrorist activities . The USA has been fighting to stop the Taliban from this and have sent many soldiers over the years to fight them.

Because of this the USA and the Taliban have been at war for more than 19 years. The war has caused an immense loss of life . According to Brown University , more than 43,000 civilians / ordinary resident’s and more than 2400 soldiers of the USA army have lost their lives. This war has also been very expensive for the USA .

The USA and Taliban needed to find a solution as everyone was tired of the war.

Why did the USA send their soldiers to Afghanistan?

On September 11th , 2001 , four American airplanes were hijacked by Al- Qaeda ( a terrorist group supported by Taliban and headed by Osama Bin Laden). Two of these planes were crashed into the twin towers of the World trade center. The other plane crashed into the defense headquarter of the USA and the fourth plane crashed into a field. This is by far the world’s deadliest terrorist attack . It killed approximately 2996 people and injured around 25,000 people. After the attack, the Taliban protected Osama Bin Laden and refused to hand him over to the USA. The USA then started war with Taliban to remove the base of Taliban completely.

What is decided on in this agreement?

Through this four page agreement, of which few things are still not known, USA has agreed to withdraw their troops and ask their soldiers to leave Afghanistan and return back. This return will occur over 14 months in which from the 13,000 American soldiers only 8600 will remain and the USA will shut down their five military stations in Afghanistan.

In exchange,  the Taliban has agreed to not use Afghanistan for any terrorist or enemy activity against the USA and it’s freinds . The Taliban will also try and not let Al Qaeda from using Afghanistan for planning any terrorist activities against USA and it’s allies ( Allies are countries which have a legally agreed peaceful relationship with another country) .

The USA has allowed the release of 5000 Taliban prisoner’s and will take back 1000 of their own men who are jailed . Through this agreement , the USA wants Taliban to try making peace through meetings with the government of Afghanistan and other parties which are also harmed through this war.

Such a meet  is to happen on the 10th March but is still not confirmed .  This meeting aims to stop war permanently in Afghanistan.

We hope peace returns to the region!


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