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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Why Was Kylie Jenner Criticized for Sharing a Fundraiser?

Written by Prakriti Panwar, a grade 12 student.

Please note – appropriate for ages 15 and above; mentions of injuries and blood.

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Written by Prakriti Panwar, a grade 12 student

Please note – appropriate for ages 15 and above; mentions of injuries and blood.

Recently, Kylie Jenner – an American media personality, model, and businesswoman – was criticised for fundraising money for her makeup artist. Samuel Rauda, a famous celebrity make-up artist suffered a serious accident for which he had to go through several medical procedures to heal his internal bleeding and eight brain injuries. The GoFundMe (an online fundraiser website) was aimed at collecting funds for his medical expenses.

So, why was Kylie slammed?

Soon after the incident, Kylie amplified the GoFundMe link to encourage as many people as possible to donate. This seems only logical, considering the fact that she has over 220 million followers. However, she herself paid only $5000, which according to netizens was very less, considering that Kylie was, well, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie responded to the criticism by clarifying on her Instagram that she donated only $5000 because the initial goal was to reach $10K. Hence, she donated just enough to meet the goal. According to Kylie, she posted the story only to raise awareness to encourage people to share and donate, if they wished to.

An update by Samuel’s sister Johanna mentioned that the make-up artist has now been in the hospital for almost a month and is slowly showing signs of recovery. They also mentioned that “I am responsible for withdrawing and utilizing your donations to pay all expenses necessary for this to occur, as Sam is unable to do so at this time.” Samuel Rauda will now be transferred to a rehabilitation facility that specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBIs, in Huston, Texas.

While no updates have been noticed, many of Sam’s clients and ex-clients have been virtually supporting and sending their love since.

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