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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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A World Without Wasps

One minute read. Written by Prapti Sen – a grade 4 student in Mumbai.

Have you ever noticed those yellow and black insects buzzing around flowers in gardens? I have even heard they sting.

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One minute read. Written & illustrated by Prapti Sen – a grade 4 student in Mumbai

Have you ever noticed those yellow and black insects buzzing around flowers in gardens? I have even heard they sting. These are surely one of the least popular insects across the world. By this time, you may have understood who I am referring to!

Today, we are talking about wasps and their importance for our ecosystem.

Wasps usually live near grasslands, towns or woodlands. Researchers around the world have found out that wasps are nature’s most effective pest control agents. And, if there were no wasps, we would have had to use a lot more pesticides to kill unwanted insects like caterpillars and whiteflies, that would further damage delicate layers of the soil. United Kingdom is believed to have the largest population of wasps in the world. There are many species of wasps such as potter wasps, yellow-jacket wasps, etc.

More common wasps like hornets live in colonies similar to the ones in which ants operate. Some species of wasps make their nests on dry wood with the help of their saliva. Their hives have hexagonal holes so that they are able to collect nectar in the biggest possible container. Wasps help in pollinating flowers & food crops as well as growing apple orchards by feeding on caterpillars. Small colonies of wasps even consume a large number of spiders, houseflies, fleas, mosquitoes including the sick ones. Often times, these insects carry larvae of leaf beetles and caterpillars to their nests for their young ones.

I feel, most of us dislike wasps as we overlook their benefits and only look at the disadvantages of having them around. We often don’t realise their usefulness and that wasps only sting when we disturb them. Let us, together, try and change the world into a kinder place, not only for wasps alone, but for all things that have feelings.

Written & illustrated by Prapti Sen
Prapti is a grade 4 student at Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai in Mumbai. Given the chirpy girl that she is, Prapti loves to narrate stories. She is fond of art, loves to sing & dance and enjoys being with her friends. Of late she has been devouring the world of Harry Potter! 


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