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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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An Ode To The Fisher Men

Poem composed by Saarthak Jain, a grade 9 student.

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Poem composed by Saarthak Jain, a grade 9 student.

Help the fishermen,
Pity him,
Fishing in the freezing, cold winds 
Or, in the blazing heat of the sun 
In the immortal tides of the sea 
Far off, away from the coast 
Alone or not in the middle of the sea
Distant from the city, village, family or friends  
Visible to you or not
But his job is vital,Which only a few people know 
His sweat is now a part of the sea
His supper is nothing, but handwork 
Sitting in his broken ,small boat 
Forgetting that he could fall
Risking his only life 
All for the search of a fish 
At last retiring from his day  
Finally touching his feet to the soft, fine sand of the beach
Not knowing that for dinner is nothing but an empty plate 
Knowing that tomorrow was going to be no different 
And his hardworking all day would never be enough 

Written by Saarthak Jain.

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