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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Australia’s New Prime Minister

Written by Samriddhi Thakur, a grade 7 student.

Australia has a new leader. His name is Anthony Albanese. He was sworn in as the new Prime Minister on the 23rd of May…

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Written by Samriddhi Thakur, a grade 7 student

Australia has a new leader. His name is Anthony Albanese. He was sworn in as the new Prime Minister on the 23rd of May. He succeeds Scott Morrison.
He’s made history as the first Italian-Australian to become the PM.

About Anthony Albanese

He’s been involved with The Australian Labor Party (ALP), (popularly known as Labor party) since he was a student.


Anthony Albanese was born on 2nd March 1963 in Sydney to an Italian father and Irish- Australian mother. He was raised by his mother, Marianne. His childhood name Albo is still widely known. He is 59 years old.


Mr. Albanese was the first person in his family to complete school. He went to Camperdown’s St Joseph’s Primary School and St Mary’s Cathedral College. He worked for the Commonwealth Bank for two years after graduating from high school before enrolling at the University of Sydney to study economics.

What did he promise to the citizens?

Anthony Albanese promised a better future for its citizens, and Mr. Albanese also declared to end the climate wars. “No matter how you voted the government I lead will respect every one of you every day” He added.

Moreover, he also promised minimum wage, tax cuts, cheaper medicines, etc. Most importantly he announced a plan for 5- urgent-care clinics for Covid-19.

First international visit

Just after swearing-in, he flew to Japan for the Quad meeting with the 4 countries- the US, India, Japan, and Australia.

The world will certainly look forward to some great political and social decisions coming from the newly elected Australian PM.

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