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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Book Review – A Boy Called Bat Series

Written by Shruthi Chandrashekhar, a grade 5 student

BAT(short for Bixby Alexander Tam), who is an animal lover. His mother, Valerie Tam, is a veterinarian. BAT also has a sister, Janie.

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Written by Shruthi Chandrasekar, a grade 5 student

These wonderful books by Elana K Arnold are about a boy called

His parents are divorced and he lives at his mother’s house, except on ‘every other’ weekend when Bat’s father picks him up from school and drives him and Janie to his apartment.

  1. The first book – A boy called BAT

BAT has autism and has a hard time making friends.

One day, Valerie brings home an orphaned skunk kit. (Baby skunks are called kits). Janie names it Thor. The book is about how BAT manages to raise Thor and delay returning him to the wild.

  • The second book – BAT and the waiting game

In the second book, Thor has become, well, a toddler.

BAT and his friend Isreal, have become closer than ever. But you can’t say the same about BAT and Janie.

  • The third book – BAT and the end of everything

Oh no! It seems like Thor is only a few weeks from being released but BAT is doing everything he can to not let that happen. Will BAT succeed in saving Thor or will he have to say goodbye? Well, you have to read the books to find out. 

What I love about the books is that they are very detailed. Elana K Arnold pays attention to everything, from the colour of a hairbrush to the teacher’s shoes! Along with the wonderful illustrations these books are a must-read for kids 7 and above.

Order a copy or you can read it on kindle too.


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