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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Celebrating Mothers Day

Written by Naman Sonpar grade 7 student.

Before a lockdown, during a lockdown or after a lockdown, a mother is never at rest and is always at work.

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Written by Naman Sonpar grade 7 student.

Life has slowed down.

This lockdown has taken a lot of our freedom. We can’t go out to play, nor can we munch at a cafe. But in exchange, it has given us a lot of free time. This year Mother’s day is not canceled due to Coronavirus, In fact, the sentiment behind this day is more meaningful than ever before. Be it a birthday or a mother’s day, some rest and time with her children is what a mother always asks for.

 Before a lockdown, during a lockdown or after a lockdown, a mother is never at rest and is always at work. But usually there is someone or the other to give her a helping hand. With no domestic help at service, I came to a decision to help my mother in the daily chores. We share household work together and we also cook many dishes. 

After my virtual school, I spend the rest of my day with my mother. We crack jokes and laugh together. No matter how pathetic my jokes would be, my mother would always laugh. And all of this happens, just to see the smile on my face. While doing any work my mother loves to play songs in the background which of course I knew before, but now I know her favorite songs! And guess what, we dance at some of them intermittently.

With friends not available all the time, I resort to my mother and tell her about my day during virtual school or any juicy secret, I got a hold of. Not only does she pay attention to the good talks, but she also understands all my problems carefully. And no doubt she deals best with them.

 From playing games and giving each other challenges we watch movies and Netflix series together. I listen to her and she listens to me. We have developed our own bond which is now unbreakable! I have come to appreciate her contribution in my life and in our family’s life, way more than before. That’s maybe because I am now noticing her struggles.

 Now, that I tried to fit in her shoes I understand why she gets a bit irritated with my ongoing chatter. This lockdown is a very memorable time for me. The support of my mother has made this tough time a thousand times easier.

 I owe my mother everything! She showers me with so much unconditional love through my life that anything I do for her won’t be enough. However, that doesn’t stop me from pampering my lovely and beautiful mom.

 Mother’s Day is nearby and just like me, I am sure all of you must be thinking about how to give your mother a perfect Mother’s day during this lockdown. Well, here is an idea, show your love to her by spending the entire day with her instead of crouching down on the sofa and watching television. Loads of love to all those mothers who leave no stone unturned for the betterment of their family.

Written by Naman Sonpar.
Naman is a grade 7 student at Shriram Millennium School.He is very passionate about environment and dreams of being a public speaker as well as an environmentalist.Naman is the Environment Expert at
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