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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Corona Diaries

Composed by Ranvir Gupta, a grade 8 student of Modern School.

We are in lock-down, things are wrong But be sure this won’t last long When times are bad and you are going mad Let go of the blues and don’t be sad…

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Composed by Ranvir Gupta, a grade 8 student of Modern School.

We are in lock-down, things are wrong  But be sure this won’t last long  When times are bad and you are going mad  Let go of the blues and don’t be sad  Believe as I always do THAT THIS TO SHALL PASS  Meanwhile, ENJOY the super skyline and the greener grass  Soon there’ll be a vaccine and a life without MASKS  Our PRIME MINISTER and the CORONA FIGHTERS are doing their TASKS  Online classes or helping at home, WE’LL PASS ALL TESTBecause INDIA IS THE BEST !

Composed by Ranvir Gupta

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