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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Covid-19 And Its Impact On The World

Written by Ahaan Anand, a grade 9 student.

Coronavirus has killed more than 219,000 people in total all over the world as I write this piece.

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Written by Ahaan Anand, a grade 9 student.

Coronavirus has killed more than 219,000 people in total all over the world as I write this piece. Millions of people infected, more than half of humanity under a lockdown, a recession waiting to start and the biggest problem of all: no light in sight even at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s start with what is Coronavirus.

Coronavirus/ SAARS-CoV-2 causes a highly contagious disease called Covid-19, similar to SAARS which also had its first cases in China (the place where it originated). Covid-19 in Humans was detected in early December 2019, at a time when the global faith in democracy was at its lowest.

The Most common question asked today is where did the Coronavirus disease originate? Was it from a food market in the Hubei province in South-East China or did the Chinese government release it deliberately to take out competition like the United States? Some experts say that the virus had come from the food market in Wuhan.

Others do not believe this conspiracy theory and hence a WHO investigation is taking place in China at the moment. But today, I am not here to talk about how the virus originated, today I am here to talk about how the world is dealing with this pandemic at our hands, how it could have dealt with it a lot better and what all to do in this time.

Iranian general being assassinated, the two biggest economies of the world: US and China having constant trade wars, tensions between US and North Korea and many more such political/ war like tensions should never have taken place. The Trump administration proposed $750billion for defense forces in 2019 (source: Washington post) whereas it had provided only $151.5 billion in 2019 for science and researches (source the American association for the advancement of science). Instead of putting their capital into their respective militaries, if these economic superpowers would have put the capital into much needed science and technology division, the world would not have suffered these many deaths as the chances of this virus being discovered would have become much higher. But with their arrogance and ignorance bigger than their support to humanity, the whole world is now isolated from one another and according to Bloomberg.com coronavirus has also triggered global recession.

Twitter has seen a 900% increase in the hate speeches against China due to Coronavirus (source: Bloomberg.com). Sitting at home our minds have become full of hatred, hatred for the Chinese  people who may or may not have suffered from COVID-19 on all sorts of social  media, hatred for the Chinese scientists who have worked day and night to try and prevent these kind of pandemics from happening. Hatred for people going out there every morning trying to save our lives by not letting us come out of our houses.

We can still do a lot with our time in which we are confined to our homes except for spreading hatred amongst each other. We can learn to play an instrument, learn to draw, learn a new language complete that series which you have always wanted to watch, take care of our elders and sanitize regularly but most of all, we must all learn to not spread hatred in the world, to start looking after one another, whether its friends, family, or even our domestic helpers, we should learn to care of all of them. After all, it is only when we all come together and take down this pandemic step by step using proper guidelines will corona actually be gone!

Goodbye, stay safe and don’t spread hatred!

For more information on Coronavirus and how to prevent it visit www.who.int

Written by Ahaan Anand
Ahaan is 13 years old and is a grade 9 student studying in Modern School.


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