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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Jain Bird Hospital – A Story

Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student.

Ritu Laghari was at the pet store, with her friend Kamala Chowdari and they were about to buy a parrot as her pet. She loved this moment. She had always loved birds. Suddenly…

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Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student

Ritu Laghari was at the pet store, with her friend Kamala Chowdari and they were about to buy a parrot as her pet. She loved this moment. She had always loved birds. Suddenly a worldwide singer Ishitha Kamalakkannan entered. Ritu hurried out of there and dashed into another shop. Kamala ran after her. “Why did you run out of the shop?” Kamala asked. “I thought, I would drop the parrot and she would laugh. You know me” she replied, “Here, you wanted some sweets for your little brother’s party, right? Give it to your brother and say it’s from me”. Kamala grinned. “I will”. “I’m leaving,” Ritu said, “Just setting off to another pet store. See you later, Kamala, bye!”. Her friend waved goodbye. Ritu was walking, when it suddenly started to rain heavily! She ran to an umbrella store.

She took a pink coloured umbrella and asked, “How much?”. “Fifty rupees,” the shopkeeper said. She paid the money and quickly left. . She always had rainboots on her in case it rained , so she wore them. Mr. K. Seshka, a famous doctor, asked Ritu why she wasn’t wearing a coat. Ritu told Dr. Seshka that it was sunny, so she just wore a normal shirt. Then Dr. Seshka rummaged through his bag for something and gave it to her. “Here,” he said, “This is a raincoat. Keep this for your life.”. “Thank you,” she said and wore it. “Looking forward to meeting you next”. She ran to a pet store and quickly bought a parrot. She took it in a cage. The next day, she saw her parrot looking pale green. She saw it was sunny, but she wore a coat and a formal collared shirt. She took it to the closest hospital, Jain Bird Hospital. She scanned the hospital and saw an empty room, room 102. She dashed to the room. “Hello,” a serious woman said. “I am Doctor Samadhi”. Dr. Shemadhi asked, “So where is your bird?”. “Here,” Ritu said. “This is close to death,” Dr. Shemadhi told, “…but can be cured if you wait for a week”. “Sure, no problem” Ritu sighed. Jain Bird Hospital was India’s first bird hospital, she read a book saying that. It said it was the finest bird hospital in the whole of India!

A week later, Dr. Shemadhi called her. She picked up the receiver. “Hello? Ritu Laghari speaking.” She said. “Hello. Dr. Shemadhi speaking.” Dr. Shemadhi replied. “Any news, Dr? Is my parrot fine?” she asked. “Yes, it’s totally fine,” Dr. Shemadhi told gladly, “But you need to give it Malcolen Medicine”. Ritu replied, “Oh no problem at all, Dr, I’m just glad that it’s fine. Can I come to Jain Hospital now?”. “Yes, you can, we’re totally fine with it. I am signing off. Goodbye,” Dr said. She jumped on her bicycle and cycled over. “Thank you, Dr. I am very glad this could be cured,” she said before leaving. “Oh no need, Ritu, anytime” Dr. Shemadhi replied, “Have a nice day! Goodbye!”. She hopped on her bicycle again and rode back home. Oh, this was a relief!

Jain Birds Hospital is located at the Shri Digamber Jain Lal Mandir complex, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, Opposite the Red Fort

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