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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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List of Most Watched Indian YouTube Videos In 2023

Here, we bring you a list of the most watched Indian YouTube videos in 2023.

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Written by Sugandh Kakkar

Looking for the most watched Indian YouTube videos? We bring you this list!

The most watched video on YouTube in India was the Chandrayaan-3 landing. At the time of its live telecast, about 80.5 lakh million viewers saw this – which was a global record on YouTube. After this the landing has been viewed 7.9 crore times!

Now, here’s a list of the some others most-watched Indian YouTube videos in 2023.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms in the world. As of early 2024, YouTube had more than 2.7 billion active users!

According to the data, India has the largest YouTube user population in the world – it has 462 million active users

Here are the top three.

Country YouTube Users
India 462 million
United States 239 million
Brazil 144 million

In this article, we will give you details on the most watched Indian YouTube videos in general and as well as the ones watched recently. Not only this you will also get information on the most subscribed Indian channels on YouTube.

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Top 10 Most watched Indian YouTube videos 

The list of top 10 most watched Indian YouTube videos is out, let us have a look at it

1. Phonics Song with Two Words

Image Credit: Chu Chu TV

Phonics Song with Two Words, by ChuChu TV, is the most-watched Indian YouTube video in India. Currently, it has more than 5.13 billion views.

Yes, who can ever think that just a simple video can gain so much popularity?

Watch it here

What does it include?

This video includes alphabets (A-Z), along with their words and sounds. It is best suited for children in pre-primary or nursery classes who are just starting with their learning.

The video is attractive and easy to understand which works best for children. Also, there are corresponding animated images and sounds that describe the content in a smooth and effective way. The children learn it like a poem or a song which enables them to remember it well.

2. Humpty The Train on a Fruits Ride हम्प्टी ट्रेन और उसके फल दोस्तों से मिलिए

This video has 3.3 billion views. It was released by Kiddiestv Hindi. The video is in Hindi and reaches a large audience.

The video Humpty the train on a fruits ride is a very cute and almost 5 minutes video.

In this, there is a train named Humpty which travels to different stations and on the way meets various fruits. It is a fun way for kids to learn the name of fruits in Hindi.

The animations of the train along with the transitions leave a mark on children’s minds. Moreover, delightful sound effects and personified trains and fruits are eye-catching elements in this video. All these factors have led to a big number of views.

Watch it here

3. Lakdi Ki Kathi लकड़ी की काठी

This video by Jingle Toons has 3.04 billion views on YouTube. Again this is also a Hindi poem that has successfully found a large audience.

Lakdi Ki Kathi is a classic Indian Hindi poem, which is recited at home. In this poem, there are lovely color combinations and graphics. Some animations are funny and appeal to children.

Overall this 4.5 minutes video keeps the child engaged and also helps him or her to learn it better.

Watch it here

4. Shri Hanuman Chalisa श्री हनुमान चालीसा

Till now we saw that nursery rhymes were on top of the list. Here is a prayer-making at the fourth position. It is devoted to Lord Hanuman and is of approximately 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a very famous prayer in Hindu tradition. This video of Hanuman Chalisa by Gulshan Kumar & Hariharan via T-Series (Bhakti Sagar) has 3 billion views. It was released on 10 May 2011 and is on top of its list in the genre of traditional and bhakti songs.

Watch it here

5. ChalChalGurram

Released by Infobells Telugu on 18th November 2016, these are nursery rhymes for kids in Telugu. It has 2.4 billion views.

Watch it here

6. Hush a Bye Baby

Hush a Bye Baby is a lullaby by Infobells. It was released on 16 September 2017 and has 2.11 billion views.

It’s a calming lullaby, that’s perfect for infants.

Watch it here

7. EkMota Hathi

The Zappy Toons released the poem EkMota Hathi on 1st March 2019. Further. it has 2 billion views on YouTube and continues to grow.

This Hindi poem includes a number of elephants that keep increasing one by one. The animations and transitions are great for kids. Also, the music and sounds are the kinds that children love. Moreover, the rhyme is catchy which makes it appealing to kids.

Watch it here

8. JohnyJohny Yes Papa and Many More Videos

This video was released on 14th November 2014, by ChuChu TV. It includes beautiful kids’ rhymes like Johny Johny Yes Papa, Rain Rain Go Away, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, etc. It has 119 million views.

It is a compilation of English poems for children. Kids love to watch these wonderful videos. It is not just a leisure activity that engages children for a long time. Instead, it helps it growth of a child’s cognition.

9. Numbers Song

As the name suggests, it is a video apt for learning to count to 10. This was released on 21st August 2014 by ChuChu TV and currently has 1.73 billion views on YouTube.

In the number songs, children learn to count to 10 in a very easy and fun way. It is an excellent way to make your child memorize numbers. 

Watch it here

10. Fruit Apple Apple, Red Apple Apple

This is a very basic rhyme for children describing the fruits with colors. It is a very basic video with no animations or sound effects. It’s the 10th most viewed Indian YouTube video. It has 1.7 billion views.

It is performed by children and that is the reason that it is so relatable to kids.

Watch it here

  Most subscribed YouTube channels in India 

 1. T-Series 

T-Series is India’s biggest music label and movie studio. The T-Series YouTube channel is the most subscribed Indian channel with 237 million subscribers. It was released on 13th March 2006, and it continues to grow.

There are over 18 thousand videos on this channel, with 218,082,058,069 views. It has all the latest movie music videos as well as the trailers, making it at the top of the list. It tries to bring everyone closer with music. Further, it is a multi-channel network with 30 channels that have more than 382.3 million subscribers (December 2021).

2. SET India 

Sony Entertainment Television is renowned for its 24/7 Hindi entertainment YouTube Channel. 

It is in the second position in the list of the top 5 most subscribe Indian YouTube Channels with 150 million subscribers. It was released on 21st September 2006 and has 54,690,347,133 views. It has released 88 thousand videos by now and has catered to all age groups public. SET India releases its Television Shows and other videos here on the YouTube channel which has allowed it to gain massive viewership.

3. Zee Music Company 

The Zee Music Company has over 93.3 million subscribers with 6.4 thousand videos released on its YouTube channel. Zee Music Company releases music videos and music albums.

They joined YouTube on March 12, 2014. And by now it has 54,690,347,133 views.

4. Goldmines

The Goldmines channel come first on YouTube on January 21, 2012. Since then, it has seen immense popularity. It has about 20 billion video views so far.

This too is an entertainment channel in which you can find various movies and songs. It’s also a hub of south-dubbed Indian movies.

5. Sony SAB 

Sony Sab is fifth in the rank of most subscribed YouTube channels in India, with 78.1 million subscribers and 55 thousand videos. Sony Sab is a part of television channels and was launched in 1999 by Sony Pictures Networks.

It presents various Sony Sab shows- the best Indian content- comedy, romance, drama, silent-comedy, science-fiction, supernatural, and stand-up comedy. The channel also contains various epic old shows of Sony Sab like Comedy Club, Baalveer, FIR, etc.

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