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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Magic of Books

Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

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Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

As the saying goes they are my best of friends
For every minute with them I spend
A profound wisdom they extend
The one who reads is a true legend

That feeling of that adrenaline rush
When I get to read in a complete hush
That feeling of oblivion to the passage of time
When reading is an activity of mine most prime

They take me to faraway lands
Without having to move my feet
Be it Rome London or New Zealand
Reading books to my soul is a treat

They enable me to live a thousand lives
See the world through someone else’s eyes
They can also take me to a paradise
Books in my life alone would suffice

When the words on the page
Magically turn into a whole new world
Into them they totally make me engage
The best feeling is to make a book unfurled

They take me to the beaches , they take me to the mountains
They will never fail to leave me content – that is for certain
Having the ability to lose myself in a world of words
Is the best gift god on me has conferred

They make me a part of them
Not to mention – they are a gem
I laugh with the characters , I cry with the characters
It feels as if we are all in it together

For book lovers , they are always an enticement
For book lovers , they are a figment of their imagination
Knows no bounds their excitement
When they go on a book vacation

They also help in my edification
They in still in me a sense of sophistication
They are divine – this I have inferred
Of them I am enamoured

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