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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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The Power of Pronouns

Composed by Lavanya Chopra, a grade 4 student

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Composed by Lavanya Chopra, a grade 4 student

Pronouns – you are so useful
Let’s show everyone how 
Without you, English is incomplete 
So come and take a bow!

Let’s start by introducing
important members of your family 
Pronouns- Personal, Possessive, Demonstrative, and Interrogative 
They’re quite a fun bunch really! 

Personal Pronouns make chats easier 
As they substitute our names 
Imagine repeating the same names again and again
How taxing would that be on our brains?!

I, me, you, he and she 
Are personal pronouns so easy 
Making my sentences short and crisp
‘They’ make conversation so breezy! 

Possessive are those pronouns 
That show ownership or possession 
Mine, yours, my, hers, his, theirs or ours
Are just simpler forms of expression! 

‘My’ name is Lavanya, ‘my’ age is 8
This poem is ‘mine’ and not ‘yours’
How would I explain this to anyone
If I didn’t have you doing ‘my’ chores?!
Demonstrative Pronouns are the fellows

That are sure of who they are 
Saying this, those, that and these with authority
They are the bossiest ones by far! 

‘That’ girl, played with ‘those’ toys,
‘This’ is her red bag of blocks
They help with sentences such as ‘these’
When anybody talks! 

Interrogative Pronouns are rather curious 
They ask many a question 
What, which, who, whom, and whose 
My God! they sure can give you tension! 

‘What’ is your business?
‘Who’ are you?
‘Whom’ do you want to meet?
Make you feel, you’re being interrogated by a detective 
Surely not an easy way to greet! 

All in all Mr. & Mrs. Pronoun 
‘You’ are the best friends of the noun 
‘You’ let it rest when ‘it’s’ tired 
‘You’ just never let ‘it’ frown! 

Lavanya Chopra is a Grade 4 student at the Shriram School, New Delhi. She is 9 yrs old now. Her detective stories were written in 2020. Her hobbies are writing short stories, poetry, and rap. Her forte is theater and she has participated in many children’s plays including online plays, produced during the pandemic and beamed over zoom. She is also training in gymnastics.

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