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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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So You Think You’re Not Privileged?

Poem. Composed by Avishi Mishra – a grade 9 student.

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Poem. Composed by Avishi Mishra – a grade 9 student

So you think you’re not privileged?,
And I feel obliged to tell you that you’re wrong,
Not because I’m entitled or because this is a nightingale’s song,
But I’ve come to a revelation I’d like to share with you all. 

Did you sleep through last night?,
Did you wake up feeling alive?,
In a bed that’s not quite as rough as the street in the night,
Well let me break it to you,

Show you the truth,
The truth of our lives,
That you’re one privileged soul,
But I’m not here to criticise those who are,

After all, I am also one. 
All I do is hope this fills your heart with gratitude,
In this time where there are millions in need,
And you lay in a comfy bed every night

Composed by Avishi Mishra.
Avishi is a 14-year old student of grade 9. She loves to read, write and watch Netflix ?

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