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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Need of the Hour

Written by Naman Sonpar grade 7 student.

As the Coronavirus continues to prey on the world, physically and economically, teams of scientists and doctors are leaving no stone unturned to develop a vaccine..

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Written by Naman Sonpar, a grade 7 student.

Our world has changed a lot.

Pre February 2020 the ultimate goal for the development of a country, was to work on nuclear arms, or reaching Mars. While some other countries have political and financial goals or raising the bar of technology.

Post-February 2020, all the goals changed. All the questions got diverted as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) seized the world under its prey. Now, countries across the globe are racing against time to develop a vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus which has killed more than 100,000 and has infected over 3 million people. 

As the Coronavirus continues to prey on the world, physically and economically, teams of scientists and doctors are leaving no stone unturned to develop a vaccine to protect millions of people from the infection.

Finding a vaccine is a joint effort and is expected to take around 6-12 months to be developed. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there are seventy vaccine candidates under development.

Out of the three candidates are under the clinical phase which means that they have been tested on humans, and sixty-seven are under the preclinical phase. But who, or which country, will bring out the vaccine is yet to be found and shared with the world? 

US secretary of state, said that India and Us are working together to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. His statement was not very surprising. India and the US have run an internationally recognized vaccine development program for more than three decades (thirty years) now.

 India and the US have worked together to stop dengue, enteric diseases, and influenza in the past years. India is one of the largest manufacturers of drugs and vaccines in the world. It is the base of six major vaccine producers and hosts smaller ones too.  

Now, half a dozen Indian firms are trying their level best to develop a vaccine for this deadly virus. One of them is ‘Serum Institute of India,’ which is the world’s largest vaccine producer by the number of doses made. The company makes 1.5 billion doses every year, majorly from its two facilities in Pune, India. Around seven thousand people work for this firm.

While all of us are locked down in our homes. Our Corona Warriors are out, developing vaccines to help protect the world from the downs of the virus.

Let us always remember that not all heroes need a cape and a gun to be heroes. Some just wear coats and have a stethoscope or a test tube with them.

A big salute to all these experts, and the police, the NGOs across the globe, the essential need providers, the teams working tirelessly to sanitize every nook and corner and the pharmacy shops dropping essential medicines at the doorstep, of the world who take precautions and protect themselves and their families. Not to forget, all the law-abiding citizens of the world who are taking precautions and are protecting themselves along with their families from this deadly and ghostly virus.

Written by Naman Sonpar.
Naman is a grade 7 student at Shriram Millennium School.He is very passionate about environment and dreams of being a public speaker as well as an environmentalist.

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