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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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The Summer of 2020

Written by Saanchi Biyani, a grade 4 student.

Have you ever heard of Maggie Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilly Sauce? Well, ‘It’s different’, and so has been the summer of 2020….

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Written by Saanchi Biyani, a grade 4 student.

Dear COVID19,

Have you ever heard of Maggie Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilly Sauce? Well, ‘It’s different’, and so has been the summer of 2020. The credit for this goes to no one else, but you. My feelings for this summer have been mixed. While the positive side includes spending more time with my family, taking out time for my hobbies, learning new things (including how to become a good writer), the negative side includes, the plight of labourers, untimely deaths, unemployment etc. We are almost halfway through the year, and, I don’t know what’s in store for the remaining six months. Though, at this stage, all I hope is you go back to your grave.

Summer vacations are the most important vacations for any child, including me. The planning of the activities starts as early as January, every year. This year was no different. I had plans to go for a short trip with my family, join swimming/acting classes, spend time with friends, and most important of all, visit my nani’s ( grandmothers ) house and play with my cousins. In addition, I had plans to celebrate my brother and grandpa’s birthday falling in May and June, by going to the water park, watching movies , and dining out with family. But, you spoiled it this time. Forget going on a short trip, I could not even step out of my home. You made it tough, not only for me, but, for every child across the world. Why did you do this? Especially, spoiling my summer vacations, which I now call ‘Coronavacations’.

Nevertheless, as my parents told me,  every situation in this world gives us an opportunity to learn. So did you. Thanks to you, I learned how to use digital technology to enhance my skills. I discovered that the handle of a broom does not come with the words ‘to be operated by a woman only’ – my father supports my mother in daily household chores and can cook also. I understood that mothers are the best multi-taskers. I realized that grandpa and grandma are the best storytellers. I understood the difference between right and wrong after watching the epic ‘Ramayana’. The list goes on, however, my heart says to conclude here.

In the end, I would say that you taught us how important it is to take care of nature, or else, we ourselves would be responsible for the chaos. I would say that we don’t need too much to be happy – the basic things – food, family, and home, cover all. Having my family around has been the biggest strength that I can think of at this time.  When I think of people who have been stranded in different places and have been struggling with life during these tough times, I realised that I am fortunate enough. This also gives me a reason to think if I am right to complain about how you spoiled my summer vacations. However, I am sure you would understand how the heart of a child behaves.

I wish I could delete you. Please go away so that we all can enjoy and live without fear.



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