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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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3 Top Stories This Week Explained – Short and Simple

Do you know the difference between hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones?

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Here’s your quick news recap for this week so far, in simple terms

Hurricane Ian in the west

Image Credit: Weather.com

A hurricane, named Ian is lashing into Florida, United States today. It’s a very big storm that already caused a lot of damage in a little island country named Cuba near the United States (the whole country does not have electricity). It’s now tearing into Florida.

What happened in Cuba

The electrical system of the country collapsed (went down) and some buildings were damaged. There’s also been flooding in many parts.

The wind speeds have gone up to 195 km per hour!

Here’s where Cuba is..

Map showing location of Cuba in the world.
Image Credit: World Atlas

Fun Fact: Do you know the difference between hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones?

They are all the same thing! They are ALL tropical storms, but are called by different names based on the locations where they occur!

  • Hurricanes take place in the North Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific.
  • Typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
  • Cyclones take place in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Also..did you know that – The World Meteorological Organization is the one that gives names to tropical storms that take place in the Atlantic Ocean. Any storm in which the wind reaches a speed of about 120 km per hour is called a “hurricane.”

New Prime Minister in Italy

A lady named Giorgia Meloni, leader of a party called Brothers of Italy has won the election and she is now set to be Italy’s first female parliamentary leader. Her party got the maximum votes in both houses.

Image Credit: twitter.com/GiorgiaMeloni

Meloni entered politics at the age of 21 – it’s when she won her first local election. Also, Meloni became Italy’s youngest ever minister ever at 31.

NASA Destroys an Asteroid

Know what Asteroids are? These can be rocks to dwarf planets in our inner solar system – they are either metallic or rocky and have no atmosphere.

Dimorphos Asteroid that NASA’s spacecraft smashed into

The thing is that asteroids can be dangerous for the earth – they can collide with our planet and cause destruction.

This is why NASA, the American space agency, did something truly amazing. It developed a spacecraft to collide with an asteroid and destroy it. This was the first-ever action taken as part of the Earth’s planetary defense system.

A super quick summary

It was called DART, Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft. It smashed into an asteroid named Dimorphos on the 26th of September 2022.

It was a great experiment said NASA, that will lead to the nudging of dangerous asteroids etc away from our planet’s path.

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