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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Oak Island Money Pit – Mystery or Myth?

Written by Kushagra Nanda, a grade 10 student.

Many have tried to explain the mystery of Oak Island, but none have been able to find out what’s at the bottom of the Money Pit, Yes a money pit, found on a privately owned island ‘The Oak island’….

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Written by Kushagra Nanda, a grade 10 student

This article was written in June 2020

Many have tried to explain the mystery of Oak Island, but none have been able to find out what’s at the bottom of, what’s called – the Money Pit.

Where is Oak Island?

Oak Island is a 57-hectare (140-acre) privately owned island on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

What’s the Oak Island Mystery?

The mysterious thing about Oak Island is the idea that there a 100 feet deep Money pit there.

There are many theories about treasures (like artifacts) present on the island – from pirate treasure, manuscripts, and coins from the 16th century to also the Holy Grail (the cup that Jesus Christ is supposed to have drunk from at the Last Supper).

Has anything been found?

Many coins have been found, though no significant main treasure has ever been found.

The site consists of digs by numerous people and groups of people. The original shaft is at an unknown location today, which was dug by early explorers and known as the ‘money pit’ 

When was it discovered?

The Pit was discovered in 1795 by a local boy named Daniel McGinnis who spotted an unusual clearing in the earth under one of the island’s oak trees – it looked like blue rays coming from the earth itself, this boy gained a sudden interest in digging the pit and this pit is today known as the money pit.

The mystery about the pit is the treasures buried inside the pit. On digging the pit one finds straws every 10 meters and pebbles after a hundred. Recently some unexplained objects have been found made up of unknown material which many archaeologists think is from another part of the universe, where they the aliens w to dig this pit?

There is this very famous “curse” which is said to have originated more than a century ago and stated that ‘’seven men will die in the search for the treasure before it is found’’ to me, it sounds crazy. To date, six men have died in their efforts to find the treasure but according to the curse, there is one more to go.

The real mystery is not about ‘where is the pit’ or ‘what is the treasure’ it is ‘’Is there a pit or not’’ and thus it forces me to think if it is an ‘unsolved mystery’ or ‘myth’.

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