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Storytelling & Vocabulary Building Workshop

A fun and interactive two-day workshop for children to listen to stories and learn some new vocabulary.

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Dates: Rolling (planned according to interest and age groups)
If you’re interested in this workshop, please fill out the form and we’ll update you when a new session is planned.
Timings: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Ages: 6 – 12
Fee: Rs.1000

Program Overview

A fun and interactive two-day workshop for children to listen to stories and learn some new vocabulary.

Program Goals

  • Through storytelling, participants learn new vocabulary words and their usage
  • Participants have fun with stories and participate in the storytelling
  • They are encouraged to use their imaginations to create alternative endings to the stories – the idea is for them to think creatively
  • Participants gain confidence in reading and using new words

Workshop inclusions:

  • Two hours of interactive storytelling and word building
  • Group sharing, and vocabulary exercises
  • Facilitator feedback

Program Details

Day One:

  • Facilitator and participants’ introduction
  • Overview of the story – with sound effects to make it fun
  • Participants allotted a sound effect to portray.
  • Storytelling begins
  • Q&A on the stories
  • Vocabulary building
    • The facilitator explains the meaning of the words and uses them in sentences.
    • Participants divided into teams to compete to spell the words correctly.

Day one homework: The children have to make sentences using those words.

Day Two

  • Homework sharing and feedback
  • Storytelling – the second story
    • The children read out the parts of various characters.
  • Discussion of the ending of the story.
    • Thoughts on how it could have ended differently – for the children to imagine another ending
    • Idea is to encourage the child’s imagination
  • Vocabulary building
    • The facilitator selects 5 words in the story for vocabulary building and explains their meanings.

Day two homework: The children have to make sentences using the five words and mail them to the facilitator. She will correct them and send an evaluation by email.

This workshop is facilitated by Asha Girdhar, an award-winning scriptwriter and author

Asha Girdhar

Asha Girdhar is a National Award-winning film scriptwriter. She has also been an author and educationist for over 30 years. Her children’s books and short stories have been published in Singapore and Indonesia. Two of her books were selected by the Ministry of Education in Singapore as reading material for high school students.

She is also the author of Sonny & Zap, a weekly educational series that was published for 15 years in The Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s most widely read English newspaper. The series covers subjects such as English grammar, history, pre-history, geography, health, the environment, outer space, science, and technology in an entertaining way.

Additionally, she conducts workshops in creative writing, creative visualization, and drama in educational institutions in both India and Indonesia. Recently she was invited by The Times of India to speak on ways to bridge the learning gap caused by the pandemic. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at Times of India’s NIE annual “Star Correspondents” journalism orientation course.

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