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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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World News and General Knowledge Summer Camp

Weekly news-round up sessions over Zoom
Quizzes and discussions to help kids understand the news
Reading suggestions – on on kid-friendly news and platforms

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Dates: Starts May 16th. The camp will run from May to July (rolling dates – participants can enroll every week in this time )
Ages: 6 – 15
Dates and Time: Every Sunday. 11 am
Fee: – Rs. 2000 per participant, per month. Option of taking it week-by-week at Rs. 700 a week. 15 % discount for a family registering 2 children.

  • Weekly news-round up sessions over Zoom
  • Quizzes and discussions to help kids understand the news
  • Reading suggestions – on kid-friendly news and platforms

Program Overview

In this immersive summer camp, participants will learn all about news and current affairs. The idea is to not only introduce the participants to news and happenings from around the world, but to also help them understand some of the defining stories of our times, and thus, encourage them to be more aware and read the news.

One of our primary objectives at I Kid You Not is to contribute to raising socially and politically aware children, who are not only conscious of the world they inhabit, but who are also active participants in it.  

What they’ll learn:

  • News and current affairs from around the world
  • Backstories of some of the larger narratives defining the world stage today (example – coup in Myanmar – what’s the background)
  • Basics of writing a news story

How it will work

  • The program will start with an introduction to the news and the importance of reading the news and being aware. Several world news topics will be covered in this session.
  • Every weekend there will be a news round-up zoom call – on the stories of the week – news will be explained simply, so the children understand the background and have context.
    (do note that participants have the option of staying for the whole month, or two months, or take it week-by-week. We encourage kids to take this for a month at least)
  • During the week, between sessions, participants will be provided with news recommendations, which they will have to read. There will be a quiz on the recommended suggestions in each of the weekend sessions
  • Optional – Participants will be given a topic each to write on, in case they wish to write their own articles.

This workshop will be facilitated by Gopika Kaul, founder, I Kid You Not

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