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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Fish of Atlantis – A Short Story

Written and illustrated by Revati Bindal, a grade 4 student (she wrote this story when she was in grade 2)

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Written and illustrated by Revati Bindal, a grade 4 student (she wrote this story when she was in grade 2)

A dream

One day a man was exploring an island, when suddenly, he fell into the water.

He saw a sign that said ‘Atlantis’.

He was shocked. It had been his dream to explore Atlantis, and now he was in Atlantis!

He thought that it must be a dream. He pinched himself, but nothing happened. He was so happy!

He saw houses covered with seaweed and buildings too. He saw multicolored fish and corals as well. The sight was wonderful!

Then to his shock, he saw some skeletons, lying on top of each other. He swam away fast but stumbled upon more skeletons.

After swimming for a long time, he reached an underwater castle, which he wanted to explore. He went to the door, but found that it was locked. He looked for the key but it was nowhere to be found.

He even lifted the skeleton of the castle’s guard and looked under it, but there was no key.


He then went to the back of the castle, to see if he could find some way in, but that was also locked.

So he started looking for a cave through which he could enter the castle.

He swam for a few hours but found nothing and no way to enter. All the houses were locked too.

He kept swimming around and in and out, but he did not find anything at all. He felt very disappointed, but he couldn’t just sleep on the rocks, as his butt would get hurt!

So he found a rock and sat on it with his face down, rather sad.

Just then, he saw a strange light – flashing blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink. It was amazing! He swam towards it ….


It was a cave!! Thank god he had found a cave. He went inside it and there he saw a man. The man said, “young lad, I am the Wizard of the Sea. What would you like me to do for you?”

So, he said, “ Oh great Wizard, I am Adam and I have lost my way in these strange waters. I am very tired and sleepy, I wanted to sleep in the castle but it is locked. Can you help me?”

The Wizard said, “I can not help you, but the Fish of Atlantis can help. They live in a very dark cave, not quite far from here.

Then, Adam said, “it’s already 11 pm. I can’t swim anymore. I better stay with you tonight.”

The Wizard agreed. So, Adam and the Wizard ate dinner and talked for a little bit and then went to sleep


In the morning, when Adam woke up, the Wizard was not in the bed.
Adam looked all around but when he looked behind him, the Wizard was right there !

The Wizard said, “eat fast, remember you have to look for the ‘Fish of Atlantis‘.

So the Wizard and Adam ate a wonderful breakfast of fried anchovy and shark steak.

They then said their goodbyes and Adam left to search for the Fish of Atlantis.

Adam had barely swum for a few seconds, when he saw a cave. The cave was very dark and scary. He swum into the cave and saw 7 fish. They were green, yellow, purple, pink, blue, red and orange.


Adam asked them, “are you the Fish of Atlantis.” They said, “yes! but why are you here?”

Adam said, “Please, please tell me where the secret passage to enter the castle is. I have been swimming round and round for days but have not been able to find a way into the castle.

The Fish of Atlantis said, “ok, we will help you.”

So, they swam past the Wizard’s cave, through the ocean’s waters, and through the gate, and then swam to the castle.

To Adam’s surprise, he saw a hole in the castle’s walls. He quickly went in, through it, with the fish.


When Adam went in into the castle, he saw a lovely golden bed, grand silver tables, and many nice things.

He looked out of the window and noticed that it was turning dark. So, he went to sleep, but before he went to bed, he said goodbye to the Fish of Atlantis. He lay down on the bed, pulled up the covers, and fell asleep.

Next morning, when he awoke, he looked at his clothes in surprise. They were dirty and wet and torn.

He opened the King’s closet and looked around. He saw very funny and fancy clothes. He did not like them.

He then went to the south wing. There he saw only a kitchen and a guest room, but no clothes.

Then he went to the north wing where also there were just guest rooms.

In the west wing, he got lucky. These were staff quarters, from where he took some clothes, wore them, and left.


Adam looked for the key to the castle’s gate. It was lying on a table. He opened the main gate and swam out.

He swam to the Wizard’s cave. When he reached there, he saw the Fish of Atlantis and the Wizard.

The Wizard said, “hello young lad!

Adam said, “How is it that I can breathe and speak under water? Please tell me oh Wizard.”

The Wizard said, “I have cast a spell, that’s why!!”

Then Adam said, “I want to go home now. I have had quite an adventure.”

The Fish of Atlantis said, “okay but you have to follow our instructions.

You have to swim up-to the top of the water surface and then say, “drain out.” The water of the ocean will go down and you can climb out of the water.

After you climb out of the water, say “drain in” and that is how the water level will rise once again.


Adam asked the Fish of Atlantis, “how can you bring the sunken island of Atlantis back to life?”

The Wizard said, “you have to give up your life for that!

Adam said, “how ?”

The Wizard said, “after you reach the surface, you will find a wand. Take the wand and point it towards your feet. Then say to the magic wand, “make me walk on water, to the middle of the ocean and make me into a golden statue.

You will turn into a statue and your statue will stay in the town square forever…until Atlantis sinks again….”

Then Adam said, “ok fine. Let’s eat breakfast first.” So they ate lobster and fried anchovy.

Adam got up and went to the top of the sea and said “drain out“.
As the Fish of Atlantis had told him, he found the wand, when the water went down.

He was amazed!!… the lost island of Atlantis started rising out of the water.

He then pointed the wand at his feet and said, “make me walk on water.” To his surprise, he could walk on water!

He walked to the middle of the sea and said, “turn me into a golden statue…”

And as if by magic, he turned into a golden statue and that is the story!!


If you ever go to Greece, you must go and see the island where Adam fell into the water. You will find his footprints there… I promise.

Also, make sure that you see Adam’s golden statue!! It will be there.

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Written by Revati Bindal, a grade 4 student at the Shriram School in New Delhi. She took to writing during the lockdown. She was in grade 2 at the time that she wrote this story. Her other hobbies are playing the guitar, singing, tennis and ballet.

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