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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The Lost Friend – A Short Story

Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student “Julia! Margret! Linda! Anna!” screamed Daisy. She, Julia, Margret, Linda and Anna…

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Written by Gitanjali Anand, a grade 3 student

“Julia! Margret! Linda! Anna!” screamed Daisy. She, Julia, Margret, Linda and Anna had been friends forever and had wanted to have a day out. Today was the day. Daisy had been waiting at Joe Baker’s bakery for her friends.

They had finally arrived. “Well, Daisy, what shall we do?” asked Margret. Daisy suggested “Why not get a Vanilla cake? Or chocolate cake” Linda pondered on which she would prefer. “Why not Vanilla” she decided, “One Vanilla” she told the waiter. She turned back to look at Margret, but my, she was gone! She went white. Daisy, Julia and Anna asked “What’s the problem?” Linda trembled “Look!” They all turned behind and saw no Margret.

They were shocked. But their cake had come. “Vanilla cake” said the waiter. They ate quickly so that they could rush to begin searching. They ate, sprinted out, and spread to find Margret. Daisy looked in Mrs. Joseph’s garden, because Margret usually went there. Margret wasn’t there. Julia peeked into Mrs. Andrews’ house, Margret’s Mother. Linda looked at Dale’s Donuts. She wasn’t there! Finally, Anna peeked into Mrs. Johnson’s house, Margret’s aunt’s house. She wasn’t there. They all met at a forest.

They searched and searched until Daisy said “Look!” She showed them a tiny switch. She pressed it. Suddenly, an opening came, leading them to a cave! They looked around it. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and what else! Linda stepped forward and a piece of the floor fell. Anna didn’t notice it so, took a step forward. She fell! Daisy and Linda jumped into it too. They were falling. It was a very long hole, I must say! It took them about five minutes to reach below. When they reached, Anna found something. It was a LARGE PAPER. She picked it up and read it out aloud “you Go swiftly to the right and will find your desires”.

They all did as instructed in the paper, and found Margret, diamonds, sapphires, homework books, and what else! They asked Margret, “What happened?” Margret told, “Well, remember when I asked you ‘What shall we do?’, Daisy? So right after that, I felt something pulling me in my mind, I got scared, so I closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I was in this, deep, dark and damp cave, and here are all the things people lost……”. Daisy said “My diamonds and my books! Oops, I forgot to tell you, we have to take Margret home after all this stress, anyway, collect your things!”, They all took Margret beck home.

And they were also home. ‘Next time it’ll be a proper day out’ thought Daisy. I hope you will too!                      


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