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Friday, July 19, 2024
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The War of the Universe

Written by Madhav Bahl, a grade 8 student

It was the year 2090, and the world had changed a lot in this century. There was no government, nor was there any light or water. People just kept on fighting. An incarnation or a god sent was the only solution to these never-ending fights.

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Written by Madhav Bahl, a grade 8 student

It was the year 2090, and the world had changed a lot in this century. There was no government, nor was there any light or water. People just kept on fighting. An incarnation or a god sent was the only solution to these never-ending fights.

On the 12th of August, that was what exactly happened. A boy with the best mind was born in a lower-middle-class family. His name was Christopher Christie. He also had a twin brother named Martin. In his home, in the city of Brooklyn lived his father Robert, and his mother Julia.  He only had two dreams: first to make the world a better place and the second was to have his own world of chocolate where everybody was welcome. After he was six years old there was no more violence and schools were set to open again.  He had gained a lot of knowledge as he used to read a lot of books. The world by the year 2097 had changed.

The world now had water, sunlight and there was almost no violence. Elections were conducted in each country without any biases. There was absolutely no discrimination and people were happy. The world had become a better place to live in. There were sounds of birds chirping, sights of clean rivers and oceans, garbage-free mountains, and unpolluted air. There were no cars or nuclear bombs. It seemed as though the world had returned back to the ancient and medieval periods. On August 12th, 2097, exactly seven years after Christopher was born he went to his school called ‘Mountenmerry’. Just like the name suggested the teachers were as sweet and merry as candy. As he had so much knowledge he became the favourite of his teachers. He also showed some promise on the basketball court. Life had never been better for him. He had everything he wanted; a sturdy appearance with wheatish skin, really cute cheeks, golden-brown hair and dark eyebrows with a witty mind. He was kind in nature and cared about others. His brother Martin was similar to him; the only difference was that he was a little taller.

Years went by and then suddenly one day a man came and asked for Christopher’s help. Christopher immediately accepted the man’s offer without hesitating, as he was taught to do so. The man took Christopher into a deep dark jungle in which one could find the world’s most venomous snakes and ants. The jungle reeked of death.  It was the father of all rainforests, even the Amazon was nothing compared to it. It resembled a demon’s den.  About three hundred kings had died in that jungle. The man who sought Christopher’s help was in his mid-twenties dressed in a  blue jacket with enormous pockets. He had ratty eyes and a rat-like face. He had cavities in each of his teeth.

The man began by asking Christopher a few questions and Christopher answered all the questions correctly with his knowledge, which was his strongest weapon. For answering all the questions correctly, Christopher was rewarded with a genie, whose powers he could only use 10 times. Christopher had no idea that he was now the strongest man in the world. But there was one thing pulling him back which was his only weakness; the curse he got from the man that if he or anybody else used the powers of this genie for a bad deed then Christopher would lose almost everything.

Christopher started his quest by making himself a time machine that he could use anywhere and as many times as he wanted. But first, he decided that he would use one wish for the good of everybody. So without wasting any time he decided to make a huge world where anybody could enter and called it the ‘Goodland’. He decided that the newly created world would be bigger than Earth and it would have all kinds of things that would bring joy to people. The only catch was that if you did a bad deed then you would be debarred forever from entering the world of goodness. This was the place that even angels in heaven above could not have imagined. He decided that the capital of Goodland would be ‘Joyland’. He then chanted the spell  “Eni emieni oni doni roni yoin pom nop rup rup” and the genie appeared from a huge cloud of fog and granted Christopher’s wish. One thing Christopher did not know was that the evil were jealous of this heaven-like place. He forgot all about this and used his spell again by chanting “Eni emieni oni doni roni yoin pom nop rup rup” and the genie reappeared.

Christopher then asked for the time machine so that he could get his idol and liquirih a sweet candy made with sherbet powder and lime candy.  He then travelled in time in his fast mobile called a ‘Chrismobile’ which had been given to him by the genie for travelling in time. The Chrismobile was a black car with white stripes. It had many features like missiles, chocolate fountains and signature candies of each country in the world. It also had an ice cream machine that had every ice cream flavour of the Earth and a huge set of the world’s smartest gadgets. The Chrismobile could travel on land, air, space, and water and it was driven by Christopher’s school friend Marcus.

Marcus was a tall guy who had a chocolate brown skin tone with a goatee beard and a mustache. He and Christopher both loved playing basketball. He was one of the best pilots in the world and he was a loyal and good friend to Christopher, that is why he was chosen to drive the Chrismobile. He and Christopher went back into the year of 1234 where he could find his idol whose name was Martin Wonka. Martin was a typical inventor who did not care about anything except his work. He was called a sweet chef as the word baker did not exist at that time. He was a genius and he invented ice cream which never melted or got over. He had a sturdy complexion with a wheatish skin tone, dark black eyes, and a face with a sly look. He also had fantastic fingers. He was merry in nature and was kind as he cared about others. He was really sloppy at times but he was committed to his work. He usually wore chef whites.  He was born in the year 1198.

Earth in 1198 was a scary place just like it was when Christopher was born. Fires were an everyday thing because of which birds and mammals had been completely wiped out from the face of the Earth. The Earth was too cold a place to live in. People through their kings fought for food and shelter regularly. Christopher spoke to his idol Martin Wonka and Martin Wonka agreed to live with them. Now they had to go to 19999 BC to get liquirih. 19999 BC was in the Paleolithic period. Early humans in that time lived in caves or simple huts or tepees and were hunters and gatherers. They used basic stone and bone tools, as well as crude stone axes, for hunting birds and wild animals. They cooked their prey, including woolly mammoths, deer and bison, using controlled fire. They also fished and collected berries, fruit and nuts.

Ancient humans in the Paleolithic period were also the first to leave behind art. They used combinations of minerals, ochre, burnt bone and charcoal mixed into water, blood, animal fats and tree saps to etch humans, animals and signs. They also carved small figurines from stones, clay, bones and antlers. A mixture of stones, clay, bones and antlers  formed ‘liquirih’.  Christopher, Marcus and Martin reached the place and they found the “coracopachaav’s” who were creatures in the form of half human and half lion. They met their leader and made an agreement in which the coracopachaavs gave their liquirih formula and in exchange they got cocoa beans. Christopher and his friends took the liquirih formula and travelled back in time. They reached the year 2111 and made a plan about what to do with their 8 other wishes. They then decided that they would make a new world with a protective shield for safety and superheroes as their armies.

Christopher once again chanted the spell ’Eni emieni oni doni roni yoin pom nop rup rup’ but he made a big mistake. He chanted the secret spell in front of Martin Wonka. Now even Martin could use the spell. Once the genie came Christopher chanted his wishes and got the safe world and his own superhero army. Christopher had six superheroes now and he used his fifth spell to make them immortal. He named them Claus, Inferno, Andromeda , Vormir and Zatana. Christopher decided the next thing he would do was make a huge area that was made out of only edible things like chocolate, salmon etc. He also fortified his city by making huge emerald gates and a walkway which was studded with precious gems like diamonds and rubies. He used his spell to call the genie. “Eni emieni oni doni roni yoin pom nop rup rup” he chanted and the genie appeared. He then fulfilled Christopher’s wishes and went away leaving Christopher with the most beautiful walkway and the best foodland. Christopher now only had 3 wishes left.

That’s when Martin realized that now was the time to use the spell. Martin chanted the spell “Eni emieni oni doni roni yoin pom nop rup rup” and the genie appeared. He then used all of Christopher’s remaining spells against Christopher. He called for an alien squad that was as powerful as the superheroes, an evil world of his own and as his last wish, he took everything that Christopher had except his first wish.  Christopher went from riches to rags. He was sitting on his throne and then suddenly everything was taken away from him. The time machine was then stolen by Christopher’s so-called loyal friend Marcus. Christopher then realized that faithful friends are hard to find. He then came up with a plan in which he would build his own time machine and travel in time to get everything back.

It took four years of sheer hard work for Christopher to complete his machine. He then travelled back in time to the year 2111 and found out how Martin had overheard him. He worshipped God and asked for power to fight the evil. He got all the power he wanted and then he went back to fight Martin and Marcus the people who he now hated the most in his life. It would be an epic battle in the war of the worlds when two superpowers good and evil would clash with each other. On the evil side, there were the aliens, the superheroes, Martin and Marcus and on the good side, there was Christopher who was all alone. The war was being held on the planet between heaven and hell on the war field. One small child asked Christopher what war was to which the witty Christopher replied “War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces”. Christopher knew that if he would lose then mankind would be destroyed. Christopher also knew that the election of Martin and Marcus would be the betrayal of everything he stood for. On the first day, the war rules were decided. The war then began with the trumpet siren which indicated the start of the war.

This time was also called the ‘Time of death’. On the first day, Christopher was badly hit on the chest. His chest was hit but his belief system wasn’t,  so he went to the gods for their blessings. The gods helped Christopher as they also knew who was right and wrong. There is a saying that it does not matter if you fall or no it matters if you got up after it. Then the second day of the war started. The second day was a different affair altogether as Christopher killed all the aliens and the superheroes. He had successfully gotten up after he was knocked out. Now it was only a 3 man affair between Christopher and Marcus and Martin. On the third day, Marcus and Martin played dirty but were then punished by Christopher. They threw sand in Christopher’s eyes but surprisingly Christopher could still see clearly after that. On the fourth day, Christopher dominated yet again, and with that struck the final blow which killed both Martin and Marcus. He used his signature move, the ‘Rika hammer’ in which he karate chopped them. This signature move always knocked out his rivals.

The good had once again won against the evil and Christopher was back to his happy old self. He thanked the gods for their blessings and teachings. But the story had just begun. Now he had to rule a vast empire in which there were various people with various ideals. He had to maintain a balance even though he knew that the bad people would still use the things they have for bad things. He knew that whatever happened was for the good as everything has two sides to it. He then ruled his kingdom happily for a long time even though there were some setbacks in his journey. His parents were proud of him and they helped Christopher by undertaking various works and responsibilities in the kingdom.

In the end, they lived happily ever after


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