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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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A Letter to My Playlist

Written by Rohina Mahadik, a grade 10 student.

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Written by Rohina Mahadik, a grade 10 student.

Hello dear Playlist,

How have you been lately?  I know I hear from you almost everyday, but I thought of how much you do for me, especially during these tough times, and I feel guilty for never expressing my gratitude and telling you how thankful I am to you for always having my back. 

You truly are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. You’re there for me 24/7 and support me through all my different moods. No matter how I’m feeling, whether it’s sad, happy, frustrated or angry, you always manage to whip out a song and instantly make me feel better. You have absolutely no idea what an impact you’ve had on me as a person. I can spend hours just listening to you and getting lost in the songs you have to offer. Each and every song you consist of holds a special place in my heart which is what makes you all the more special. 

You’ve evolved so much over the years, grown up with me as time went by and I’m ever so grateful for your companionship. To me, listening to music is synonymous with reliving old memories. Hence, You act as a portal for me to revisit the past and reminisce over the times I spent singing my heart out along with friends in days gone by. Especially for me, as someone who moves from city to city extremely often, you act as a reminder of the happy times I spent in a particular place, the people I met, the friends I made and the bonds I shared with them. It gives me a sense of belonging and reminds me that I’m not alone.  Even though it may have been years since I visited that place again or met those people, you still remind me of them and always manage to bring a smile to my face.

You’re not a single playlist at all, but a combination of all my childhood favourites and evolving tastes in music combined into one. You have a way of making everything okay, calming me and relaxing my mind even in the most stressful of times, and for that I’m eternally grateful. You have a way of completely immersing me into the music, making me feel a rush of emotions all at once in a way nothing else can. Some lyrics that I’ve heard through you over and over again are now etched into my brain forever, acting as a constant for me in times when my world was changing, something familiar to help me get by. 

Music resonates with me in a way nothing else can, inspires me and motivates me to do my best. 

Listening to music reminds me to cherish life and even allows me to understand others better since everything from the lyrics to the genre of a song gives me an insight to the world through the artist’s perspective. Different styles of music give off a different vibe, but what they all have in common is the plethora of human emotions they contain that I, as a listener can relate to and get inspired by. Hence, I’m grateful to you for allowing me to immerse into this world of musical emotions everyday and conveying expressions to me that cannot be put into words. 

Your loyalty is limitless. You’re here for me even as I sit here writing this, the melody flowing into my mind through my earphones,  pushing my brain towards churning more ideas to put to paper, letting my imagination go wild. Especially during the current situation, as I sit at home stuck inside with no way to step out, you act as my solace and connect me to the world outside via your lively beats and vivid descriptions. 

So, dear playlist, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me, from jamming out to bops and singing my heart out to sad songs, you’ve tolerated me through it all and I know you’re going to be there for me in the future too. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for all you’ve done, It’s been a pleasure growing up with you by my side and I can’t see what the future has in store for us. 

Your faithful admirer 

Written by Rohina Mahadik
Rohina is 14 years old. She recently moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh from New Delhi and I studies at the American international school. She’s currently in 9th grade and will be going to 10th grade later this year.

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