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Top Young Adult Books of 2023

These are just a few suggestions, and many other fantastic books were published in 2023.

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Looking for the best young adult books of 2023? Here’s a super quick look.

Please note – choosing the “best” is always subjective, but here are some of the highly-rated and critically acclaimed young adult books published in 2023.

Realistic Fiction:

1. Mexikid by Pedro Martin (Guppy)

Image source: penguinrandomhouse.com

A heartwarming and humorous road trip story about a Mexican-American family, their legendary Abuelito (Grandpa), and navigating cultural identity.

2. Only This Beautiful Moment by Abdi Nazemian

Image Source: harpercollins.com

A coming-of-age story about a gay Iranian-American teenager grappling with family expectations, first love, and self-discovery in 1980s Los Angeles.

3. Catch Your Death by Ravena Guron

Image Source; usborne.com

A suspenseful thriller about a group of Filipino-American teenagers trapped in a haunted hotel on a school trip to the Philippines.


1. Island of Whispers by Frances Hardinge, illustrated by Emily Gravett

Image Source: panmacmillan.com

A beautifully crafted and atmospheric mystery about a young girl investigating the secrets of a remote island guarded by strange creatures.

2. Thieves’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis

Image Source: penguinrandomhouse.com

A high-stakes heist adventure set in a fantastical world inspired by West African mythology, with diverse characters and thrilling action.

3. Akane-banashi, Vol. 1 by Yuki Suenaga

Image Source: simonandschuster.co.in

A beautiful graphic novel series reimagining Japanese folktales through a dark and feminist lens, with stunning artwork and imaginative storytelling.

These are just a few suggestions, and many other fantastic books were published in 2023. Consider your own interests and preferences when choosing your next read, and don’t hesitate to explore beyond this list!

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