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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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A Short Story: Mother Earth and Aadhya

Written by Janhvi Jain, a grade 4 student.

Here’s a charming short story for environment day!

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Written by Janhvi Jain,  a grade 4 student

“Aadhya! Aadhya! It is time for school!” called mum. Aadhya came running downstairs.

Aadhya was a little girl who was studying in the fourth grade. She loved school dearly, especially science, and would love to read it all day long. She skipped outside with a toast stuffed in her mouth and jumped on the bus. All her classmates were excited as it was the day of their field trip. When they reached school, everyone was ready for the day out. She had brought a lot of things like books, snacks, and many other things.

Miss Bonanza explained rules to follow to everyone and asked them to hop in the other bus. Aadhya was very enthusiastic and excited to know more about nature around us. While on the field trip she was reading about the Earth. Miss Bonanza asked each child to do some activity on the bus. When it was Aadhya’s turn, she entertained everyone with the Earth’s facts – such as:

  • Some of Earth’s oldest rocks are found in Scotland. They are about 3.5 billion years old.
  • In the Indian Ocean, there is a fish called the Coelacanth. It has hardly changed for 350 million years.
  • The first true bird was a bird that could fly, had claws on its wings. It appeared 150 million years ago.
  • Ostrich eggs are not the biggest, it is the Aepryonis that lays the biggest eggs. Each egg is about the size of 150 hen eggs.

Everyone was astonished by these amazing facts. Now everyone started asking her if they can borrow her books. She got few more books with her; she happily exchanged her books. The journey was over and all landed on a big farm.

Mr. Keshav welcome the kids by giving them a map of the farm that detailed how to visit different sections. Their first stop was in the barn where there were served with fresh sugar cane juice. Aadhya saw one machine in which some farmers were putting sugar cane and on the other side, the juice was being collected. She asked Mr. Keshav if the kids could make juice on their own. With a positive reply, Mr. Keshav showed them how to put sugar cane in the machine and how gears will rotate in the machine, and by pressing the sugar cane they can get juice.

Sameer asked Miss Bonanza if sugar cane produced only juice. Miss Bonanza explained to the kids that this juice is collected and transformed into sugar and jaggery. Mr. Keshav said that the next stop was to see how we can get sugar and jaggery from the juice. Then everyone visited the factory area. They saw big machines in which people were pouring juice, then it was heated and fermented to get sugar and jaggery.

Aadhya wanted to see what the sugar cane farm looked like. Mr. Keshav asked everyone to follow him and they were soon on the sugar cane farm. Kids had to walk carefully, as the roots of the sugar cane were above the surface and it could hurt them. They poured water around the farm with big pipes, and some enjoyed showers too!

Miss. Bonanza explained to the children facts about how Earth gives nutrients, mineral and water to plant and in return, plants gives us oxygen and food. She asked kids not to throw litter as some of it can not convert into nutrients or minerals for plants but it was harmful to plants.

All kids including Aadhya learned many things about Earth, its friends like earthworms, and how mother Earth makes us live.

Everyone came up with a quote for mother Earth:
 “Mother Earth as you take care of us we will take care of You”.

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