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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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An Ode to a Woman

Written by Harshman Sarin.

Woman. Who is a woman? A woman is a miracle of divine contradictions, a woman is a pillar of strength, a shoulder to lean on…

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Written by Harshman Sarin

Woman. Who is a woman? A woman is a miracle of divine contradictions, a woman is a pillar of strength, a shoulder to lean on and in words of Diane Mariechild, “a woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”.

It is the women who bring sunshine into everybody’s lives.

But however, the men fail to give the respect and the appreciation women deserve. It is only the women who can work relentlessly with all her heart for the sake of her family and it is the women who do not even expect anything from the opposite side but, the respect and dignity they deserve. 

She portraits different roles that of mother, wife, daughter, friend, counsellor all at once: acing them all to perfection. The reach of her arm can provide assistance to many at once and just one hug from her could heal everything, from a broken knee to a broken heart. But still, the men manage to disrespect women in a hundred ways, they forget all the sacrifices women made for them, they forget all the pain they went through. 

In modern days, even young men have become capable of leaving scars on women, yes; permanent scars, the scars which steal the religion of women from humanity.

Since times immemorial, women have been struggling for a position in the society and now, the women are fighting for survival; the graphs of the way women are being treated are falling rapidly. 

Everyday, there are more candle marches, more hashtags on social media and more pouring condolences and griefs but this, is not enough.

Where are the stern laws? Where are the laws that are the need of the hour? Where is the assurance for women safety? Above all, where are those moral values that parents teach their children about respecting women and appreciating them? 

Approximately, around 50% of the world’s population consists of women and it should be the endeavour of each and every man to make our rest of the population feel safe, it is our duty to make the women feel that every place in this world is home for them; they can feel secure.

Men and women should move hand in hand, complementing each other and not competing with each other and hurting each other. When will we realize that no society can prosper without women and their participation?

Because, it is the women who are the architects of the society.

A country like India, also known as the land of goddesses, has now been converted into a country where women are demoralised and are forced to move around with a sense of fear in their hearts. Instead of bowing before women in wonder, the women are forced to bare atrocities like body shaming, continuous judgement, harassments and what not? But, this must be stopped. 

It is time, we all unite and help women to induce the respect they deserve because, staying silent is a trait of a real coward. 

Lots of strength to all the women across the globe.

Harshman Sarin is a student of Modern School.


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