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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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It’s All in the Mind

Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

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Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

Ever felt that pain in your heart, not knowing the reason for it?
Ever felt a runaway of a million thoughts in your head that knit?
Ever felt that pang in your chest from the arrows of overthinking that your mind only created?
The graveyard of emotions , the feelings that are dead

Such was the story of this girl

Who used to sit in a corner and have her lunch
All alone on her food she would munch
People walking in groups all around
Their chittering and chattering the only sound

She had a mole below her chin
She was not very fair, such was her skin
Everyone in school found her abhorrent
So, to her they all were quite indifferent

She had not even a single friend
No one with whom she could send the weekend
She always felt so discarded and abandoned
She felt like escaping to an island

In the island, in the serenity
She would find a new identity
She would change her destiny
And leave a lasting legacy

However, she did try to create that island here in her today!
Not just once, but a few times
To fake a smile, to say a hi
Or to lose her eraser to ask the one behind
But she failed…
To gain the attention, she wanted to abide
She didn’t know the reason why
Was she not good enough, or just too shy?

One night it came upon her, when she was lying in her bed
Maybe it is just the picture in the magazine she read
Maybe it is just the definition of perfect she had in her little head
Maybe it is just her thinking too much and not what they said

She then decided it was enough, she couldn’t take it anymore
She was done for once and for all with the affronts she bore
She no longer wanted to be alone or remain in her mind

So she spoke up with a wave of belief

The wave of fire buried underneath the skins of my insecurity will rise & unravel the power and confidence in me
I shall dig the confidence out of the shackles of hesitancy in me
I will believe in me
That even I’m worth it and you’ll see.
The hidden wings of this girl when set free
The hidden wings of the confidence in me
That even I am worth it
That even I am worth it

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